Recovery of antibiotics

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05 July 2016
Recovery of antibiotics

In today's world everyone knows what antibiotics.It medicines that have saved millions of people from death.While there were no antibiotics, people are really dying from any, even a simple infection or colds, for example, from influenza, pneumonia, intestinal infections, with dying at any age - old people, adults, youth and children.

Recently, many people, including physicians, began to take antibiotics as a panacea for all ills: they quickly kill any infection, duration of treatment and at the same time greatly reduced.Recovery occurs, but is it really?

fact that when antibiotics are taken frequently, and even in those cases when you can do without them, bacteria begin to mutate rapidly, changing its nature and adapting to new conditions.Some of them succeed in this so that they begin to eat these same antibiotics.

we know also that in the body there are billions of beneficial bacteria: those that shape our immune system - the only thing that can help us to survive in any extreme conditions, and cop

e with a variety of dangerous diseases.

What is immunity?In ancient Rome, this notion - «immunitas» - meant liberation and independence.Of course, I had in mind the independence of the civil, but in the XX century, scientists began to be called as a condition in which a person is free from disease.Mechnikov defined immunity as the state of human immunity to infection (infectious) diseases.

In the second half of XX century the concept of immunity has been extended, and scientists have come to define it as the body's ability to defend itself against genetically alien bodies and substances, preserve inviolate its internal environment to eliminate bacteria and any foreign substances.

In our bodies inhabited by many microorganisms, without which we simply can not survive, and over 70% of these microorganisms in the intestine.From their life and activity depends on our health and our lives, as they provide the most protection, without which we would have died very quickly, ill most common diseases - such as picking up a runny nose.

's try to briefly describe some aspects of the work of these bacteria.In the intestine without digestion is impossible: they process food and allow the body to absorb nutrients.Bacteria regulate the amount of a certain type of yeast in the gut, as required for its normal operation.

When antibiotics get into our body, they kill all the bacteria in a row, with useful flora dies much faster germs.

the bowels greatly disturbed - for example, disproportionately increases the number of intestinal yeast and fungi start to go through the intestinal wall, getting into the bloodstream and then to other organs and systems.

Immune system cells begin to fight fungi, and fungi resist, and thus emit substances that have a negative impact on many of the important processes in our body.

Penetrating through the intestinal wall, yeast damage them, and the intestine becomes "Improving permeable."Within its walls are beginning to get into the blood undigested proteins that the immune system is considered alien, and starts to try to neutralize them, excreted from the body in different ways.This is how you experience an allergic reaction to the products that never cause problems in healthy people.

allergy if they become more frequent, weaken the immune system even more, and she can not fight even with those microbes, which previously coped easily.Man starts to hurt more and more often, the condition worsens, there is a bouquet of chronic diseases, including autoimmune: lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and others.

course, antibiotics were discovered by scientists not to hurt people - on the contrary, to save mankind.Today, however, pharmacologists discover all the new forms of drugs and microorganisms become to him more and more resistant and impervious.Throughout the world, doctors know that you can not assign more modern and potent antibiotics if the infection can handle simpler preparation.Unfortunately, this rule is often violated and violate it not only doctors but also patients.

Although everyone knows that antibiotics are unable to kill viruses, many people tend to take them at SARS and the flu, killing cells of the immune defense and leaving the body vulnerable to infection.

Often people will require that your doctor has prescribed antibiotics them "better", and doctors not to engage in long discussions, write prescriptions, or even just write the name of the medication on paper - because today antibiotics are available without a prescription.

Recovery antibiotics

However, there are diseases and situations where antibiotics are vital: the heavy injuries, operations, acute infections and inflammations.But after taking antibiotics is not necessary to remain weak and sickly man: the effects of this treatment can be eliminated, or at least minimize them.

After antibiotics often have digestive disorders, broken chair;People can not eat those foods that are easy to carry before.Lactic acid bacteria are killed, and engage in the process of digestion becomes a nobody.

especially hurts many people, a problem such as bloating and flatulence.In order to normalize bowel function, it is necessary for several days on an empty stomach to drink the infusion with yogurt and herbs.

For its preparation it is necessary to pour in a quart jar of 0.5 liters of kefir or yogurt.Finely chop 2 garlic cloves and the same amount of onions, and also put in the bank.Then add the parsley or dill (3-4 sprigs), chamomile and St. John's wort (1 tsp).If there is no fresh herbs, you can get dry.Fill the jar to the top of a steep boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, then strain and drink 1-2 cups (depending on body weight).

Well, if you can every night before going to bed, eat 1-2 cloves of garlic.Garlic must be carefully chew, but it's like it is not everything.Instead, you can take garlic extract of propolis, infused with alcohol strength of 70 °.It can give even small children from 6 months.1 year - 1-2 drops;from 1 year to 3 years - 5 drops;3 to 7 years - 7 drops;older children and adolescents - 10 drops.Adults should take 20 drops and more - also depending on body weight.You can also take propolis extract day: once for the small children, 2 times - for older and for adults.In this case, it is diluted with milk or water and taken one hour before meals.

next infusion helps to restore the viability of the intestinal flora: herb St. John's wort (1 tsp), sage (0.5 tsp), tansy (0.3 tsp).Herbs pour boiling water (1 cup), wrapped up warmly, and insist 2 hours, then strain.During the day, it is necessary to drink a glass of infusion: sips before meals.

easiest method of restoring intestinal flora - the use of milk products, where there are lactose, bifidobacteria and atsidobakterii.

Today stores a large selection of live yoghurt enriched yogurt and other foods containing bifidobacteria.These drinks gradually restore the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut, and it will create good conditions for life.

way, some of those products, which are often shown in television commercials, can also help.Thus, yogurt "Activia" does contain useful bifidobacteria and almost does not contain any food additives - only need to always check the expiration date of the product.

restore intestinal flora must by eating milk products with a short shelf life - 6-7 days, in extreme cases - up to 30 days.Yogurt, which can be stored for several months, the body will not do anything useful - other than calories.

And of course, you need to take special medicines, corrective condition of the intestinal flora, and used for the treatment of dysbiosis, inflammation of the mouth and throat, and vaginitis colpitis - because women are killed not only intestinal, and vaginal flora;recovery of intestinal infections, poisoning, operations or chemotherapy.

It Bifidumbacterin, Bifidumbacterin fort Lactobacterin, Profibor, atsilakt, Colibacterin, Bifikol and other special preparations containing lactic acid bacteria - dried, but alive.To wash down these medications is best yogurt or other dairy products.

You can also prepare milk drinks at home - such as Kazakh or ayran yoghurt.For the preparation of yoghurt is necessary to boil the milk, cool it to 45 ° C, pour into a jar and add live yogurt (1 tsp) - a starter.If you do not live yogurt, you can use sour cream.Milk mixed with leaven, well wrapped, for 6-8 hours and put in a warm place.

When the intestinal flora back to normal, it will become clear.First of all, disappear diarrhea or constipation, stool will be a daily and without any problems, not hard and not too soft, uniform color - moderate brown.

Most people considered indecent to think about such things, but the smell of the chair is also significant: a sharp, unpleasant smell suggests that humans are not okay with his health.Ideally, both gastroenterologists say, almost no odor should be, or it must be very weak.It is necessary to follow this - depends on the health, life, and beauty, too: after all, toxins and fungi that enter from the intestines into the blood, will not add any appeal of our skin or our hair.

Even if you were not treated with antibiotics, the health of the intestinal flora to maintain necessary.Include in your diet more of dairy products, whole grain bread, garlic, beets, drink mineral water before meals.

If you simplify beneficial bacteria to their work, they, in turn, will support normal immune system, and your body will be well protected from many serious diseases.