Hemorrhoids : causes, symptoms , prevention , nutrition hemorrhoids , medicines and folk remedies for hemorrhoids , hemorrhoid surgery

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06 July 2016

word hemorrhoids called any trouble and every unwanted and unnecessary thing.

And actually hemorrhoids - a common cause of treatment to the proctologist, a very common disease of the anus person associated with increased mobility shifted down internal hemorrhoids plexus, which thrombosing and bleed.

Causes of hemorrhoids

This disease has been known since ancient times.But the causes of hemorrhoids has not been studied until the end.

Recent studies in this area have led to the conclusion that the cause of hemorrhoids are the two main factors.

first factor - vascular, which interferes with the regulation of the inflow and outflow of blood, there is stagnation in the vessels of her rectum.Losing health specific details, it is possible to explain briefly - there is a dysfunction of the blood vessels leads to dystrophic changes and the gradual development of hemorrhoids.

This is due to sedentary lifestyles, inflammation of the rectum, frequent constipation and abuse as a result of laxatives.Thins th

e blood vessel walls, cracks, through which can be easily entered infections and even to form an ulcer.

second factor - mechanical at which the perpetrators of hemorrhoids are unfavorable factors stretching longitudinal muscles, holding hemorrhoids.Thus there are degenerative changes, wear and destruction of ligaments, designed to hold the anal canal hemorrhoidal plexus.All this leads to hemorrhoids.For mechanical reasons, the development of hemorrhoids include heavy exercise, persistent blunt trauma to the anus for drivers, and anal sex.

thus contribute to the emergence of hemorrhoids such factors as:

  • chronic constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • sitting and standing monotonous life that takes place in certain occupations - drivers, pilots, manager, people working at the computer, hairdressers.In this immobility is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, venous stasis in the vessels of the pelvis, which is a violation of the venous outflow.
  • exercise, such as wrestling, weight lifting, gymnastics, where the broken ligament hemorrhoidal plexus;
  • heredity also plays a role in the occurrence of hemorrhoids;
  • Hemorrhoids may result from birth;
  • abuse spicy food, and generally overeating also often lead to this unpleasant disease;
  • alcohol abuse, in which vascular disorders are inevitable.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

main symptoms of hemorrhoids is:

  • bleeding from the anus;
  • loss of hemorrhoids;
  • pain that occurs at the time of bowel movements or permanent;
  • itching in the anus and Moisture;
  • discomfort after emptying and bloating.

Complication hemorrhoids when possible thrombosis and nodes of infection, there is intense pain, erythema and swelling around the anus, the body temperature rises.

is important to note at the first suspicious symptoms, for example, once appeared a slight itching in the anus.Such itching may be accompanied by a man a few years without causing the strong suspicion, therefore, the treatment of hemorrhoids will not be started on time.But when in the stool will appear a drop of blood, it will already mean that the hemorrhoids in the acute stage has passed.The appearance of blood in the stool can also mean a malignancy in the intestine.A gradual increase in hemorrhoids lead to their loss from the anus to the outside.That's when you really really expects "hemorrhoids» ...

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Preventive measures can avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids.And even if he has already appeared, they can alleviate the disease.

1. It is necessary to deal with disorders of the chair, observing diet.
2. Eliminate or significantly limit the supply of all the spicy, fatty, smoked and salty.
3. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.
4. Observe the water hygiene after defecation.
5. Practice exercise because physical activity is the prevention of inactivity.If you have a sedentary job, stand up and to warm up - slopes, sit-ups, running in place, etc.

Proper nutrition hemorrhoids

Power must be organized in such a way as to exclude as constipation and diarrhea.After all, they both can aggravate hemorrhoids disease.

of the gastrointestinal tract should be organized properly.

Hemorrhoids need to limit the use of animal protein - meat, fish and eggs, as this food provokes constipation.About

ban all sharp, salty, fatty and smoked mentioned.

If you suffer from constipation, in the daily diet to include a sufficient amount of fiber, which must be combined with water - drink up to two liters of fluid per day.

of fiber present in large quantities in food bran, rye bread, fresh vegetables, sunflower seeds.

a tendency to diarrhea need to consult a doctor, as diarrhea is usually caused some complications of gastrointestinal diseases.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Medicines for hemorrhoids

Do not delay treatment of hemorrhoids, because it alone will not work, and the disease can be complicated.

And do not be afraid, it's a long time ago hemorrhoids treated by cauterization with a hot iron.Now, treatment methods, as well as society as a whole, have become a little more civilized.

It is best to begin with conservative measures.This may be the use of candles, ointments, mandatory water toilet after a bowel movement.And prevent constipation.

Medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids appoint a proctologist.

  • for topical application (candles, gels, creams, ointments)
    Anuzol, Betiol, Gepatrombin, belladonna extract, Neo-Anuzol, Nigepan, proctitis-glivenol, Prosterizan, Relief, Simetrid, Troxerutin.
  • For oral (tablets, capsules)
    Venza, Detraleks, Ginkor fort Tribenozid (Glivenol) Rutoside (Venoruton) Troxerutin.

With frequent bleeding hemorrhoids designate candles containing epinephrine.It is also recommended to use collagen sponges.These sponges are made from natural material - collagen that has the ability to stop the bleeding.Hemostatic sponge also have properties of materials such as androkson and Tachocomb.

Ice hemorrhoids

Ice - known means, removing the pain of hemorrhoids.His attachment to the hemorrhoids helps constrict blood vessels, helps to stop bleeding.Ice used for the treatment of hemorrhoids and modern medicine.Ice used in the device Krinus.Krinus easily into the anus of the patient, and the ice in the reservoir is that it slows down the rapid melting.Krinus made of special plastic, whereby the ice is not directly in contact with the walls of the intestine.In Krinuse used tap water is not frozen, and a special liquid that thawed much slower.But we should remember that the treatment of hemorrhoids with ice is not a panacea, ice relieves pain but does not eliminate the disease itself.

Usually medications are complex, ie contain several active ingredients.The drug reduces tissue swelling and inflammation, reduce pain and itching.Heparin, which is included in their composition, improves blood circulation, the resorption of blood clots.Today the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of hemorrhoids a wide range of medicines.But all drugs have the nuances of the destination in each case, so appropriate treatment can be prescribed only proctologist.Folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Folk remedies for hemorrhoids

Separately want to say about the traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment.Some of them proved to be quite good.

  • Take chopped tarragon 4 tablespoons pour a liter of boiling water and boil for five minutes on low heat.Insist, wrapped in a towel until cool, then strain.From this broth to do an enema that reduce hemorrhoidal cones and treatment of severe pain.One day, you can do an enema wormwood, and the other - beet, then again, wormwood, and so alternate.
  • To make sitz baths is necessary to prepare a tincture: 30 g of chamomile and horse chestnut seed, 50 grams of oak bark, sage leaves 30 grams.Infuse in two liters of boiling water for 3 hours.
  • Good hip bath of decoction of the root Ahearn - 30 grams of sweet flag root per liter of water.
  • successfully treat hemorrhoids sedentary smoky bath of garlic.At the bottom of the iron buckets or cans, to put very hot brick, and sprinkle it with chopped garlic.Sit on top, and do so from time to time until the hemorrhoid is gone.It is an ancient Persian recipe, which invariably leads to the ancient Persians cure hemorrhoids as proctologists they were not available.
  • On gemorroynye bumps can apply a paste of rowan berries.
  • A fresh juice of mountain ash, if you drink it for a long time, fully cured even internal hemorrhoids.He acts better laxative.
  • necessary planed candle of tuber raw potatoes, thick as a finger, with a blunt end.Enter this candle in the anus and leave it there overnight.

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

Sclerotherapy - painless operation, does not require anesthesia or general or local, take a few minutes and carried out in a clinic.Sclerotherapy should be led by an experienced proctologist.This method is used in the early stages of the disease hemorrhoids.If sclerotherapy in hemorrhoid sclerosing agent is injected, which promotes bonding cavernous walls of blood vessels.This procedure hemorrhoid replaced by connective tissue.

As a rule, after the recurrence of hemorrhoids sclerotherapy does not arise.

Operation Longo - is the most common form of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.It is possible in the early stages of hemorrhoids.During the procedure, surgical excision of the portion of the rectal mucosa, located above the hemorrhoidal node.In the postoperative period, there was pain.

Gemorroidotomiya - traditional operation, which consists in excision of hemorrhoids themselves.It is performed under general anesthesia.The operation itself traumatic, requires a long and meticulous postoperative care rectum using painkillers.Gemorroidotomiya justified the presence of concomitant diseases of the rectum, with the risk of bleeding sites, with large hemorrhoids.

Dezarterizatsiya - a modern version of the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.It is performed on an outpatient basis with the help of special equipment - ultrasonic device, just finding the artery that supplies blood to hemorrhoid.Accurate Scope This artery crosses.The postoperative period is not heavy - purpose painkillers after dezarterizatsii not required.And the procedure itself is painless and takes about half an hour.But the main thing in it that eliminates the root cause of hemorrhoids.Perform dezarterizatsiyu possible at all stages of the disease.