Cat's Claw - reviews of doctors

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27 March 2016

Species dietary supplements that are currently on the market, an incredible amount.Among them special interest of consumers seriously ridden cat's claw.As stated by the manufacturers, this means different tonic effect and just as useful and willow-herb, can improve immunity.As a result of taking cat's claw person acquires the ability to easily transfer the mental and physical stress.


However, it is well known that trust alone statements sellersespecially with regard to dietary supplements, it is not necessary.Much more important is what gets the cat's claw reviews of doctors, as skilled much better understand what constitutes these drugs.It is desirable to know not just the opinion of doctors about this tool, but also to look at practical cases where the cat's claw.It is to such reviews should address.

Doctors about Cat's Claw


Sergei Novikov, an immunologist

Pro features cat's claw as a means to enhance immunity know for a long time.According to recent studies, a drug that can not be attributed directly to the drug, is still able to provide a relatively good effect.On the positive actions BUD that is often reflected in a review of doctors, we can note the ability to increase the activity of the immune system and reduce the symptoms of inflammation.

In my practice, I have seen one case where a cat's claw, indeed, showed incredibly good effect.In this review I want to describe it.There was a patient with an autoimmune disease, which is assigned to detox, that is preparation based on cat's claw.After 2 months there were very noticeable shifts.However, the dosage was concentrated.Then we moved to another immunomodulator, in connection with which the condition worsened.Other doctors are often also leave good reviews on this drug.My review is considered positive.

Christine Zakharova therapist

most cat's claw was not possible to register, but the composition of BUD really looks promising.I would recommend it to people who wish to maintain a high level of immunity and protect against colds.While many doctors refer to such "medicine" was skeptical, I still there are cases when the patients themselves was left of it good reviews.And not so rare cat's claw receives responses doctors is also very good.

For example, one patient who came with a serious form of influenza, asking if she could not prevent the cat's claw.Since nothing wrong with him can not happen, it did not become discouraged.As a result, the disease has passed quickly, but do not forget that it was assigned, and other treatment.Just be sure to recall should note one issue that is present in all immunostimulants.This can be confirmed by other doctors if taking these drugs for a long time, and the effect may be counterproductive.Therefore course of a cat's claw should not be long.


Dmitry Erokhin, pharmacist

Today, cat's claw has become very common because it provides many firms.Advertising BUD this very intrusive and even aggressive.But, although some doctors really praise this "drug", I can not say about him any good.The only positive effect in this case - the strengthening of the effectiveness of other drugs.Let some people write their own review, something ecstatic, but they just exaggerate the effect of the cat's claw.In addition, find the formulation prepared qualitatively very difficult.Often, the market offers a forgery or a means with a very low concentration of active substance.And finally the cat's claw, reviews of doctors who sometimes surprises me is practically useless.At least, I can tell that way.

Natalia Smirnova, an oncologist

Faced with such cases, which are found in the benign tumors often advise patients to take cat's claw.Of course, this is in addition to the main treatment and is primarily concerned with those situations where there are small seals in the chest.Naturally, patients usually watch reviews, as the case, as is clear, serious.But even other doctors sometimes write good reviews about this Bad.If

As for the results, they are sometimes very encouraging.There have been several cases where very small tumors after six months of treatment with cat's claw were full.Again, I want to recall once again noted that the need to use this drug in conjunction with other medications.When a doctor recommends taking only cat's claw, do not need to listen to him.Then follows immediately flee to the other, more responsible expert.Otherwise, the result is not the same as described in glowing reviews.

Tatiana Antipov specialist

I can not say that cat's claw is able to perform any miracles.But the benefits from it nevertheless appears so cat's claw are often good reviews of doctors and specialists receives positive.The very learned about the effect of the cat's claw, oddly enough, from a friend.It was she who told me that her son is a tool helped reduce the lymph nodes in the neck, and improve appetite.Then he consults with a doctor friend, who did not particularly praising the drug, but overall gave it good reviews.Of course, this is just a dietary supplement, respectively, we should not overestimate its effects.These drugs need to be treated.

What can be said of doctors reviews


If we take into account the comments that are left on the cat's claw doctors can call it the most ordinary Bud.Among the positive features of this "medicine" should be mentioned separately only such effects as increased action of other drugs.In addition, judging from the reviews, cat's claw, to some extent improves the immune system.For more hope not.