Eye Masks

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10 April 2016
Eye Masks

eyes give the woman's age.No one will appreciate premature aging, especially a woman.Some people believe that you need to deal with wrinkles when they have already appeared.However, this is not entirely rational.It is much easier to keep a youth, than to try to restore it.


most delicate skin around the eyes of a woman.These are the first lines indicate the age, so it is with the youth should be protected from the adverse effects of the environment, and most importantly - constantly moisturize.However, much more common, women with swollen eyes and bags under the eyes appear.Because of this problem, they lose the appeal and years of his youth, so we need to take urgent measures.The solution of this problem will help to masks, which are applied under the eyes.It is important for the eyes glowed health, because it is a mirror of the soul.

So, masks, like any other cream, hom

e-cooked, useful, cheap and do not cause unnecessary trouble.Items are to be found in any home refrigerator.

most useful components of masks

1. For example, a well-known, an indispensable product potatoes.It is also used in masks.The recipe is as follows: you need to thoroughly wash and dry the potatoes, and then grate it on a grater.After that, 2 tbsp.l.cooked mass is put on a gauze for 15 minutes and applied to the bags under the eyes.Then put the cream, enriched with vitamins A and E. After 15 minutes, remove the remnants of the cream.This procedure should be done every day - morning and evening.Experts say the video below, that the starch has a rejuvenating effect.

2. Green - also an excellent product for the preparation of masks, such as parsley.You will need 20 grams of chopped parsley and 40g of margarine or butter.All ingredients are triturated and 2 tspgrass mixed with 4 teaspoonssour cream.The mixture was put on lids for 15 minutes and then rinsed with cold water.Parsley perfectly remove eye puffiness.

3. yolk mixture is applied not only to the hair, but also to mask under the eyes.To prepare take 1 tsphoney cream can olive oil.Is then applied to the skin.The mixture was washed in 15 minutes with warm water.

4. Another product - cheese.It turns out that it is not only useful to eat in the morning, but to use topically.Need 2 tbsp.l.curd, 1 hr. l.honey, 1 tbsp.l.cream and a few drops of olive oil.

5. Fruit - natural antioxidants, so it is important to include in the mask for the skin around the eyes following fruits: bananas, oranges, peaches.Very popular now enjoys the fruit peel.

black eye adorn a woman, so it's time to deal with them, using the gifts of nature.