Dostinex to stop lactation

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27 March 2016
Dostinex to stop lactation

Dostinex - a modern drug that is recommended to all mothers who have already been transferred to the artificial baby food, but they have continued milk production, which can lead to stagnation and the development of mastitis.Due to the contained active component, it reduces the specific pituitary hormone prolactin, which is actually responsible for the appearance of a mother's breast milk.The drug can stop lactation in women at any stage.


Dostinex is known for its rapid effect on lactation.Within a few hours after taking the pills levels of prolactin in the blood decreases dramatically.For a complete cessation of production of mother's milk is necessary to receive a course for 2-3 weeks.Termination lactation comes amid recovery of the menstrual cycle.

To quickly feel the effects of Dostinex, you need to take it correctly.On the course, you must limit yourself to fluid intake, it is

not recommended to start taking the drug in the summer heat.Furthermore, it should stop pumping as this you stimulate the production of prolactin in the body.

while taking the drug if you feel unwell, you have problems with blood pressure, chest began to hurt, to feel dizzy, and you feel a constant nausea, and if the level in the milk is reduced, then you urgently need to consult a doctor.In no case can not be something to increase the dose of the drug, and especially breast feed your baby during the course.Although reliable data that the components of the drug in milk, no, but the risk is still not worth it.

Women often ask how the reception Dostinex may affect another pregnancy.Experts advise to think about a new pregnancy is not earlier than 5-6 weeks after taking the drug.Later, after the birth of the baby will be breastfeeding in the usual way.

happens that a woman decides to restore the production of milk, the reason for this decision, for example, may be teething baby when he cries a lot and does not sleep at night.The best way to calm him down, according to the mother is breastfeeding.But the restoration of lactation - a rather complicated process, because prolactin is not produced by the body.In principle, you can stimulate the production of milk by decanting and an active sucking, but it will take a lot of time.In addition, a woman needs to remember that the components of the preparation must be completely off the body, and this takes a few days.Of course, you can restore lactation, but before you do so, you must seek advice from a specialist.

Dostinex today - one of the most effective pills to stop lactation is well tolerated and mild side effects.Yet a sharp interruption of breastfeeding can be a major stress for him and for most mothers.So do not abuse the drug alone and go consult a competent doctor who will weigh everything and make the right decision.