Thyme: the benefits and harms

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05 April 2016
Thyme: the benefits and harms

medicinal herbs which are known for their health benefits, very much.Thyme (thyme) can be attributed to it as such.Herbal Medicine has been known for a long time.And even today the use of such traditional medicines enjoys strong demand for.This means that the thyme, the benefits and harms that should be well known to all followers of such techniques are actively used to treat many diseases.It is only necessary to understand what it is.


Why the benefits of thyme

Reasons forherb thyme is able to benefit or harm, defined by its composition.In particular, the plant contains organic acids, tannins, resins, gums, carotene, vitamin B, and C, and even thymol flavonoids.Macronutrients that benefit the body, is also varied.Mostly it comes to phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

What benefit gives thyme

dismantled as part of a plant,

and you can move to the benefits that could potentially bring thyme.

  1. The first thing to say about his antiseptic.Infection and inflammation can bring serious harm, and thyme are not simply get rid of them, but also eliminates the pain occurs.It provides benefits in the event that you need to deal with bronchitis, easier expectoration.Besides thyme acts as antispasmodic.
  2. eliminate damage that occurs as a result of a long illness or beriberi, using thyme also manages quite well.A major benefit of the plant brings in the prevention of diseases such as rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia.
  3. benefits of thyme is evident in its ability to deliver against flatulence, alleviate discomfort associated with kidney disease.From stomach cramps and ulcers plant also is very good.It has also benefit those who suffer from gastritis or even pneumonia.
  4. Separately should be said about the benefits of thyme for men's health.It is interesting that such a plant can not simply increase the potency, but also to return it completely if used correctly.It is enough to mix it with the oregano and to make a strong decoction.If the taste of thyme seems too nice to him, you can add honey.
  5. Thyme protects against the harm that can cause a variety of allergic disease or abrasions.Its good manifested in the ability to reduce the severity of eczema.In diabetes of thyme is also possible to obtain a very significant advantage.

But we can not say that thyme gives only good.There are situations in which the harm from it can be much more.

Under what conditions thyme harms

should not think that thyme is a harmless plant, giving only benefit.In fact, its incorrect use can bring serious harm, which is why some people traditionally consider it poisonous.In particular, the damage is often manifested in the case when a person has thyroid problems, as well as when he is suffering illnesses related to the activities of kidney or liver.You can not drink tea with thyme while carrying a child.Although nursing mothers, this plant will not harm, but on the contrary - will stimulate lactation.

becomes clear that thyme benefit and harm is noticeable is serious, should be used under severe control.If it is decided to treat him with the help of any disease previously to cope better with a professional doctor, will not bring any harm to such treatment.Only then you can proceed to treatment using such a useful plant.