Exercises on the ball for fitness

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27 March 2016
Exercises on the ball for fitness

If you want to exercise to bring novelty, then pay attention to the ball for fitness, it is a versatile trainer who will get bored.In recent years, he has won a lot of fans, and if you wish, you too can join the army of girls who play sports using this simulator.


If you already have a mindset to new and there is no fear of experiments, theimmediate purchase of a ball for fitness - this is for you.It is necessary to try to tune in to the long and good exercise that will bring a lot of pleasant sensations.

many manipulations with the ball known to most, but there are also exercises are one of the main, and they can be found below.

first therapists interested balls for fitness, who wanted to help people in a more rapid recovery from a variety of injuries.However, when working with them revealed that they have enormous internal resources than expected.Since they are made of durable mater

ial, have the ability to withstand heavy loads, and do them any person.Simultaneously there is a high mobility of the ball, so to perform various exercises with them need a good job of coordination.To maintain a balance and the balance of a person requires the expenditure of an incredible amount of calories, which will certainly lead to the correction and rapid weight loss.

This beautiful effect is achieved by well-coordinated work of the muscles in the same rhythm.If there is a firm determination to carry out exercises with a ball for fitness, attitude is needed in bringing these activities to the end, until it's complete satisfaction with the figure.Using the ball, you can do the exercises corresponding to the current level of training with gradual complication.So start small, you can gradually get much more than you would imagine.However, regular exercise is essential.

How to choose the right ball for fitness

Quite simply pick it up individually.With the growth of 170 centimeters fit ball, having a diameter of 55 centimeters.With the growth of 170 centimeters above the need to purchase a ball having a diameter of 65 centimeters, and a tall girl with an increase of up to 180 centimeters should acquire a simulator, having a diameter of 85 centimeters.After a defined size, you can start training.We offer some basic exercises.



ball under your knees and put your hands rest against the floor.Make sure that the body is parallel to the floor.Arms bent at the elbows and chin to touch the floor.When curl is breath and exhale - in extension.Similar exercises with a ball for fitness are ideal not only for strengthening the hand, but also to tighten the abdominal muscles and chest.


kneel down, place the ball at arm's length in front of him.Then slowly pull the body while pulling behind the ball.When performing this exercise with a ball for fitness is necessary to control the balance.It is advisable to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

also recommended a great exercise for tightening the press and the lower back muscles.This will require to lie down on your back, feet put on the ball.The legs are bent at a right angle at the knees.Then put his hands behind his head and chest to try to raise the legs bent, then return to the original position.


To perform this exercise, you need to lie down on his stomach and lift the ball feet, stretching the entire body in a straight line.Equilibrium hold for 5 seconds and return to the original position.The number of repetitions of this exercise to develop flexibility is dependent on physical fitness.Initially, some quite 5 reps, but you can do and much more.

These and many other exercises to help for a few months to buy the coveted form and just give a good mood and good spirits.