Mantra slimming

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24 March 2016
Mantra slimming

Oddly enough, the residents of European countries interested in the phenomenon of reading mantras.But, apparently, is so susceptible to all foreign nationals, which is a manifestation of another culture and they want to experience for yourself.It is especially interested in many mantra for weight loss, because in order to use them, do not need any serious effort.Suffice it to say the specific combination of harmonies to start losing weight ... Can you believe it?


What is the mantra and where are slimming

mantra is called the phrase uttered in Sanskrit, and is required to maintaina certain rhythm.Also mantras sung in some cases, it is believed, it enhances their efficacy.However, to start using the mantra to weight loss, not knowing what the Vedic culture, not too smart.

knowledge of Tibetan monks are considered to be almost bottomless.And it is interesting that among the monks themselves hardly m

eets those that have at least some hint of overweight.And even if there is a skeptical attitude to losing weight with the help of mantras have to admit this fact.

Losing weight in this case just based on the way of life of the Tibetan monks.Their way of life is similar to the one that is peculiar to the Europeans.They spend their days in meditation, while taking the lotus position.Weight loss also contributes to the reading or chanting of mantras, which is prescribed property merge man with the cosmos.

How can affect weight loss mantra

Tibetan mantra many similarities with Christian prayers.But each of them is devoted to any particular deity.Including a number of mantras dedicated to weight loss.It is with them can begin to get acquainted in general with this culture.What is the principle of "work"?

recitation gradually causes a hypnotic state.Sami same words as vibrations of sound waves can affect the body's cells.Thanks to a well-defined set of harmonies can be done so that the cells get rid of excess interstitial fluid, and improve metabolism.That is what causes weight loss.An additional advantage is that thanks to the rhythmic repetition of certain sounds can be cleared from the brain nagging thoughts.And it is our thoughts and emotions are the causes of obesity.

How to read the mantra for weight loss

begin to pronounce the mantra is best at the moment when the sky - waning moon.Of course, it is primarily a belief according to which, together with the waning moon and the problems disappear.Accordingly, slimming it could be a great support.

for weight loss is best to read the mantra of the water.It assumes that people daily drinking more water volume and thus also the mantra recited over water.Rules of reading quite hard.All you need to read it 108 times during the day.The very phrase reads as follows: "SAN SIA ChII NAH PAI CAR preschool."

It is best to divide this amount by 12 hours.Then it turns out that every hour in the weight loss mantra need to read 9 times.She utters over 125 ml of water.In sum, the day drink 1.5 liters of fluid.When you can not speak out loud, you can read the mantra for weight loss to himself or to listen to it with headphones.

Another option is to read the mantra for 1 times.Then you need to immediately put the jug with 1.5 l of water and read on him.Total in this case will take about 15 minutes.But by reading will be able to get the effect of calming the whole day and create conditions for weight loss.

Will Lose Weight?

If we turn to the experience of those who practiced the mantra for yourself, you can see that they are still able to help.At least, some women claim that they have achieved weight loss of 10-12 kg in two months, using only the mantra.But I wonder more than that, thanks to this utterance of sounds can be quite get yet another advantage.For example, it strengthens the nervous system, anxiety disappears, tendency to hysteria or unmotivated crying becomes smaller.

Of course, it is difficult to say for sure what exactly caused the effect of reading mantras.Yet not so easy to believe that the combination of certain sounds help slimming.But what is the result in many cases, there is a fact.To avoid problems with your family, it is better not to tell them about reading mantras.Otherwise, they will not only seriously, but also think about the mental state relatives.And when you are losing weight, then you can tell them.

have to admit that the mantra for weight loss - rather ambiguous means of correction.The logical approach suggests that from them can not be of any use.On the other hand, there are excellent examples of their practical effectiveness.Perhaps try this method of losing weight is possible, but to place it too seriously hope not.