How not to overeat at night

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10 April 2016
How not to overeat at night

Demand creates supply, is an axiom.In view of the fact that in the world there is a perception of the beauty of a slender body, many people dream of becoming slimmer, lose weight.And this is what motivates other people to invent different types of diets.For example, it is becoming a popular herbal brew that reduce appetite.However, all these different diets recommend not overeat before going to bed, considering it one of the basic conditions of a normal weight loss.Of course, to achieve such a pretty is not easy, but if you follow a few rules is not tricky, hunger in the evening will no longer weigh on you.


  1. decided to reduce the amount of food, taken before bedtime, and at dinner, start with a hearty dinner.Another option - afternoon tea, good meal at five o'clock, something light, apple, for example, or drink a glass of kefir.How not to overeat?
  2. Neglecting dinner, do not forget to drink tea, give preference to green or herbal.Also very good camomile tea.Hot tea will help calm the stomach, blunt the feeling of hunger.
  3. If hunger hurts very much, and the tea was not dull, it is possible to eat before going to bed something light and low-calorie.It is suitable vegetables, fruits, beverages lactobacilli, is very good for such a case sauerkraut.
  4. Eat the maximum liquid drinks water.It will fill your stomach and creates a feeling of fullness, and if you add in the water a little lemon juice, activates the body's metabolism.
  5. order not to think about food and empty stomach, it is best to do some thing is not very active.Knitting, books, the Internet, television, crossword puzzles - all this activity will help you pass the time before bedtime.
  6. Of course, after a hard day is very difficult to find the strength for light exercise, such as Bodyflex.You can do sit-ups, push-ups on the hands, shake the press abdomen.Normally, after such exercise for a while I do not want to eat.
  7. Fill bedtime bath, drip into it a little oil with a calming effect or add sea salt.It is well suited for this purpose oil ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, patchouli.Warm and fragrant bath give relaxation your body will adjust to a peaceful sleep.
  8. Brush your teeth.Many people on the psychological level refuse meals due to the fact that only brushed my teeth.The sweetness of chewing gum is also able to blunt the feeling of hunger, but do not get carried away doing this, chew 15-20 minutes, no more.Do not overeat at night!
  9. bedtime should be promptly, no later than midnight, due to the fact that some of the body's metabolic processes occur at night.When a person is awake, they slow down or completely stop, and this leads to metabolic disorders, and as a consequence, to the fullest.

Do not forget that the body will suffer without food after six in the evening, only the first time, and then submit to the regime, and it will not ask for her in the evenings.