What to say and what to do to a guy in love

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19 March 2016
What to say and what to do to a guy in love

not know how to win a guy?Do you want him mad with love for you?Directly you, of course, not be able to make a guy run after you, but there are ways of behavior, observing that, we were able to succeed.This article will cover a few tips to fall in love with a guy.By the way, these tips are relevant for those girls who feel affection for the boys, which in turn refer to the girls as friends.


1. Love yourself first.Judge for yourself: can love a man who is not sure of himself, feels unattractive, feels insecure around you?The same applies to you.You have to look in the eyes of the guy proud, beautiful, confident, and for this purpose, and should feel well.So, learn to love yourself - that's the first thing you should do.

2. Before you proceed, it is necessary to draw the attention of the guy.Whatever you did, it would be done in vain, if the guy does not noti

ce you.You can even try to charm Man, if you believe in all of this, I personally - not.So pay attention to him like one of the ways:

  • greet him (say goodbye);
  • wave your hand to him;
  • ask something about their interests;
  • ask where he was going.

3. joking laugh!Good sense of humor is always a price.If you have a sense of humor, use it to draw attention to who you likable.

4. What else can you do?Of course, to get hold of him with some common interests.Learn their interests, maybe you really seem attractive some of his hobbies.Or like to engage with him his favorite sport.If he's a football player or a hockey player, you can visit his game, cheering for his team.

5. And, of course, patience and calmness will be your best friends in the fight for love.It is not necessary to think through every move or constantly taking new steps.Relax, let events take their course, and all you get.

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