How to learn to kiss

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19 March 2016
How to learn to kiss

Never, nobody noticed that we kiss several times a day.From an early age, and until a ripe old age, man kissing their loved ones, children and even pets.Kiss express feelings of love and passion, tenderness and affection, gratitude and harmony, declared a truce, in general, a lot of very different sensations.


Ā«AdultsĀ» kisses, what is it?

Each person always want to look a favorite in the best possible light and to their abilities, and sometimes even amaze.Even if sophisticated Casanova always hone their skills, what about mere mortals, and ordinary people who crave affection and tenderness or not experienced dizzy "or kissing" fun?

man seeks to learn how to kiss to satisfy their natural need.This need is as real as the need for food, in drink, in love, in regular communication on the Internet.Many girls dream to have a knowledge of how to excite

a guy kiss.

Kiss is needing a passion and the need to touch someone, hug your loved one.Attracted to the contact with the opposite sex takes place under the influence of instinct, it comes naturally, and that there is no explanation.However, you can explain the art of kissing.

Art kiss

What to take to the first "adult" kiss could be remembered forever?

Do not be shy.The fact that you have never had the opportunity to kiss, nothing says.Believe me, dizziness, trembling knees and sweaty palms are just signs of love.But this is nothing compared to the emotional and physical pleasure derived from the first kiss.

If opportunities allow, gives romantic surroundings.For this great candle or dim lights.

Do not forget about your breathing.Unpleasant breath discourage any desire to kiss your partner.If you do not have time to brush your teeth, you may well help out a few sprigs of parsley, an apple or a chewing gum.

At the time of the kiss is not worth stopping in one position.It is better to tenderly hold your hand through his hair partner, touch his ears, stroking his shoulders, his back.

not be silent.Kiss does not mean that you need to remain silent as a fish.Tell me your favorite (or favorite) something nice and gentle.

No need to strain to relax better, because tight lips only alienate a partner, or he decides that delivers any inconvenience.

No need to dwell on one type of kiss.Most men prefer "French" kiss, or otherwise referred to as "wet" kiss.Believe me, the sensuous sucking and lip biting partner, will lead him to even more excitement than just "chat" with your tongue.

How to recognize that the girl is ready to kiss?

Can not believe it, but it usually can not wait in anticipation of the first kiss, darling.Usually this happens because a young man for a long time going with the spirit, puts himself in a certain framework, and creates awkward conditions.If the favorite is looking directly into the eyes, and does not give the side view - this means that it is ready to kiss.Therefore, it is not necessary to pull more.

Although it is not true, but, according to the women, we can determine the nature of the kiss men, if it fits, and it is worthy of whether a sexual relationship.But do not be afraid to show yourself, open up your favorite.

How to determine whether you have a good know how to kiss?

main thing - to monitor the reaction partner.But that is not haunted by more men than women.If a girl is carried away into the deep satisfaction of your boundless kiss softly moaning - it is immediately obvious, and even then it is clear exactly what you did not get trapped.But if the partner looks as if it is a lecture on the philosophy - it is worth considering what should be done such that it was got?Remember, trial and error is the best to achieve the desired result in the issue of education.Perhaps now you have not turned rasprekrasny kiss, but tomorrow, you're taking into account all the nuances kiss his beloved so that it will be on the verge of an explosion of pleasure ... Women are well pretend and deceive, but at the time of the kiss, they tend to forget about theseabilities, and can not hide their feelings.

drew attention to the "signs" that will help you understand what you need to learn a little bit.For example, the woman looks away, distracted, closes his mouth, or even fall asleep in your saliva - this is the first sign that you're doing something wrong.If immediately after the kiss, she wondered about the latest political news reports, or say something unpleasant, and give you to understand that as "tselovatel" you're not interested in her - Includes fantasy and forward to victory - practice, practice, practice!

biggest mistakes kissing

You forgot about his partner.You want to kiss just for yourself and get great pleasure, do you think that if you like the kiss, he will love and partner.However, we would remind you that it also has its own preferences, feelings, expectations, and you will do very wrong if proignoriruesh them.

If you think that your mouth open to its full width is able to eclipse all expectations lover, again, it is your profound error.Of course, do not squeeze the lips, as a partisan, who will not say anything to anyone - we must strive for a compromise, and then the partner is required to give a sign as she likes to kiss.Reciprocated and she will answer you.

How to learn to kiss better?

practice.Training.All skills come with experience.Own imagination is the best way.Your imagination can sometimes make is that once you do not even realize that these passionate kisses not surprising reality, only your imagination.

So Arrange Sit back and relax.Imagine in front of the object of his adoration.Imagine how you approach it, runs his hand through her hair as it begins to gently kiss.The main thing - put it in the fantasy more emotions and feelings.The picture is brighter - the better for you, that the time spent in rehearsal, was not lost in vain.

And finally, an important point!It is not enough just to learn to kiss on the lips.Individuals fairer sex have a lot of erogenous zones.Our ubiquitous researchers-sociologists say that 97 women out of 100 instantly excited by kissing, and in some cases almost reaching orgasm.And only need something closer to his beloved, manly hug her, kiss her hair and discard with tenderness.If a woman feels on his neck throbbing breath, biting and kissing him, she simply dissolved in the arms!

Kiss - this feeling of bliss and connection shower lovers.Do not be afraid to experiment.Kiss your lover as tells the heart and then the memories of those kisses will remain forever in the memory.