The correct attitude to compliment your address

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20 March 2016
The correct attitude to compliment your address

real elegance women among other things, is manifested in the ability to properly exercise related to the compliment.When you praise, saying how you are talented, intelligent and beautiful - this is joy.But still you need to compliment the right to accept, not just listen.


wrong attitude to praise is typical,mainly for human complexed.In our society we are much more familiar when to compliment embarrassed mind.But in reality, this is not the correct behavior.If a woman is confident, she is obliged to take it in his address thanked quietly.You can just say "thank you", accompanying it with good eyes and shy smile.If you admire your appearance, in any case can not talk about his poor health.Your right attitude and behavior will help to avoid the gossip behind your back.

Let's see what is a compliment?What is the relationship to the

praise can be considered correct?

Drinking praise - as it should be?

compliment - a way of expressing his admiration for the relationship to the person with the help of laudable statements or flattery.It helps to establish new contacts and develop existing relation.However, such praise is necessary to react adequately.For example, in gratitude for a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates is not necessary for a young man to climb with kisses or hugs.It may just scare him.Will the success of a compliment, depending on the situation and spoken words.The best compliment - it is sincere praise.If it is not pleasant to you, it is best to steer the conversation to another topic, or acquiesce to a man.

certain circle of people think that if your favorite girl constantly praise and give a compliment from time to time, it will change its attitude towards the other party for the better.In fact - it turns out is not so.Many of the fair sex on the contrary do not like obsessive fans.

However, there is a category of men who do not recognize the compliments.This attitude of the girls also do not like.Compliment play in good stead when it is made at the right time and properly presented to.

learn how to properly take a compliment difficult, but possible.This is easily achieved with the help of a positive attitude to the world, to love yourself with all the positive and negative qualities.Having learned this, you'll see in the people around you only good quality and able to openly show their attitude to praise.

To Compliment looked sincere, there are several recommendations.They are not complicated:

  • not stretch the words, they can very quickly get bored
  • admire not only the external data source, but also his inner qualities
  • avoid standard phrases and expressions.Come up with something of their own, could not be better characterize the individual characteristics of your passion
  • determine exactly what you want to say
  • voicing praise, do not show the attitude of the teacher or tutor
  • not torment myself writing poems, just listen to your heart and express attitudeto the person from the soul
  • choose the right time and place, or a compliment can be quite inappropriate.In the end - it will cause a negative attitude companion to you, not vice versa
  • watch the attitude of the interlocutor, if he does not know how to react to thank or compliment - help him.It's enough to ask a question about the praise
  • never forget, the best compliment is always to be sincere!