Apples: useful properties

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05 April 2016
Apples: useful properties

Apples - is one of the ancient and religious food, respected man.So, if we look at history, we can identify exactly what Apple has filed his Eve to Adam in the Garden of Eden.And in Russian folk tales kings dreamed try "rejuvenating apples" to obtain eternal life and return to health.Moreover, the Trojan war ensued after the table there was a bone of contention.Incidentally, the anti-aging properties of apples - is not a myth.They are, indeed, are part of the diet of young.


While it is still unknown how it really happened, but the factsand has not challenged - people appreciated the apples at all times!Otherwise, there would be so many legends and myths about this fruit among the various peoples of the world.But let's not dwell on the interesting facts of history, and it is better to analyze than the fruit is so useful.

Apple refers to the useful plant products due to its unique chemical composition

.This fruit contains a rich complex of vitamins (E, A, and ascorbic acid, and many other chemical elements), as it contains a large part of minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and many other substances).

As for healing and nutrients, then they, too, a great multitude, for example, pectin, antioxidants, sugars, organic acids, fiber and many others.In this case the nutrients are not only in the pulp of the fruit, but also in its peel and seeds.For example, it is in the apple peel contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber.And apple seeds contain iodine, which is very useful for our thyroid gland.Therefore, those people who like to eat apples, did not suffer from bowel problems and excess weight.

Apples: useful properties

Apples for digestion

Everyone knows that most diseases are related to the digestive system.For example, intestinal diseases and stomach accompanied by the accumulation of toxins and destruction of flora, this leads to weakening of the immune system, allergic reactions and impaired nutrient absorption, and this entails a violation of metabolism and the emergence of serious chronic diseases.So you need to be released from the digestive tract diseases, and it is best not to give them to manifest.

To restore the function of his bowel, every day should eat apples.The day is enough to eat a couple of pieces to forget about the problems such as diarrhea, constipation, flatulence.

If you have a stomach ulcer or gastritis, you should be more careful.In such cases, you should have baked apples.They contain a lot of fiber and pectin, so you cleanse the body and restore the function of the digestive system.At the same time the apples do not contain heavy fiber, so you'll never suffer from flatulence.If from time to time eating them, you can reduce the risk of gallstones.

Apples: useful properties

Apples Beauty

Just as our grandfathers were known beneficial properties of apples to preserve the beauty, health and youth.Otherwise there would be stories about rejuvenating apples.However, they could not know.But modern scholars have shown that apples contain a lot of vitamin A and E and antioxidants, vitamins are considered beauty.With this man who regularly eat apples, can not be afraid of not only digestive problems, and premature aging.Even a disease called "Alzheimer's", which is considered a disease of old people, you will bypass the party, if the day to eat one or two apples.This conclusion was made by scientists.

In addition, the juice of apples reduces the risk of cancer in the pancreas does not develop diabetes, purifies the blood vessels from cholesterol.From cholesterol, as you know, may occur, and other diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, hypertension and other diseases.Just for this you need to use apple juice and apples to eat.If you have any contraindications associated with the digestive tract, it should first take advice from your doctor!Read the cases in which the reception is bad apple juice.

apples can also make great face masks as they contain nutrients nourish the skin and help to exfoliate dead skin cells.And what is most interesting - they contain an organic acid, which is capable of prevent the appearance of pigment spots and eliminates the shine on the skin.

Apples: useful properties

Apple diet for weight loss

Apply apples also nutritionists all over the world.And their use in the fight against curvaceous not an exaggeration.Since everyone knows that apples contain a lot of fiber, which helps to quickly get enough, and long will be no hunger.And in addition to all the apples are considered low-calorie foods (of forty-five hundred calories per gram), they contain pectin, which helps cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and poisons.

That is why the apple diet is very common among many countries.Yet they are among the rigid and strict diets.So before you decide on a diet of apples using, be sure to take in consultation with the attending physician.However, one fasting day on bullseye anyone to harm will not rise, and in fact the result of only one fasting day can remove two kilograms.

Apples: useful properties

for fasting day is very important to the apples fulfill four conditions.You will need:

  1. excellent health (even if you have the slightest discomfort, it is not necessary in this day limit yourself to food);
  2. you should this day be a weekend free of any - any loads (it is possible that apples will show you its diuretic and laxative properties in all its glory);
  3. buy their favorite apples 1.5 kg;
  4. stock up on plenty of water.

On the latter point, it can be used instead of water, green tea or plain yogurt, any of fat.The daily rate of apples should be divided into five meals.You can certainly eat less than normal and it is up to you.Half an hour before the reception of apples should drink a glass of liquid.That's all the tricks!

What else useful apples

Among the above, it should be noted that apples are good for the immune system.The benefits due to the large content of vitamin C. But do not rush out and eat a lot of apples, because if you have high acidity in the stomach or if you have a stomach ulcer, you should use the best of this product as it contains ascorbic acid together with organicacids can aggravate your condition.

Apples: useful properties

apple and apple

addition, apples contain iron.They can therefore be used as prophylaxis of iron deficiency anemia.Moreover, the drug can be prepared very easily.It is enough to pierce an apple in a couple of places, and leave it on overnight and in the morning just to eat.

Besides apples help women during menopause, because at this time the ladies due to changes in hormonal background bones become less dense, and at this time the body can not absorb calcium.But the disease can be avoided, if the daily use of conventional glass of apple juice.