Ivan tea from prostatitis and BPH

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25 April 2016
Ivan tea from prostatitis and BPH

Probably no man in Russia, which in the summer would not admire the beauty of the meadows covered with pinkish - red mist.It grows willow-herb.And it's not many people know that in the first half of the 17th century rose-used as raw material for making the popular beverage.It was exported to Europe in the number of many hundreds of pounds.It was at that time in Europe, it got its name.


Other names - Russian tea and Koporye.Koporskaya he became, because the greatest number of its supplies to the market from the village Koporje near St. Petersburg.This product will compete with traditional tea, which was brought from India.The competition was so strong that all-powerful at the time of the East India Company has taken all possible measures to expel Russian tea from the world market.For many years, the beneficial properties of willow-herb have been unjustly forgotten.

Ivan tea is one of the most common p

lants for raw materials coming in homeopathy.The main area of ​​growth - central Russia.Herb up to 2 m growing in open areas of land.He loves clearing, burning, parched after a spring fell meadows.Poor land refers to areas with high humidity.

Useful properties of willow-herb

Ivan-tea (crybaby, Cyprus) - a plant family kipreyny.It was he who, unlike their relatives, brings healing qualities.Here is an incomplete list of advantages of this plant:

  • growing in natural conditions;
  • not absorbed from the soil are no polluting elements;
  • among naturally growing plant is almost no equal to him on the biochemical composition;
  • excellent bee plant.From one hectare is going to one ton of honey;
  • two teaspoons of dried willow-herb allow to brew 30 cups of beverage;
  • has pronounced sedative qualities;
  • most importantly his dignity - a high content of anti-inflammatory substances.With the constant use of the drink, the man gradually heals the intestines, stomach, heart and blood.

Ivan-tea is used for many diseases.Let's talk about prostatitis and BPH.

statistics say that after forty years, about 40% of men suffer from inflammation of the prostate gland.Here Ivan tea comes to the rescue of the stronger sex.With the help of plant diseases men can be healed.

Recent studies have revealed yet another healing quality of Russian tea.It turned out that it has a pronounced anti-tumor effect.So even prostate cancer can be cured.

enveloping and binding properties of the drink to help cope with the gastro-intestinal problems.With a cold and SARS, at the initial stage of the disease, Russian tea will help defeat the disease.

There is a quality of which many are so fond of willow-herb - contraindications to its use are absent at all.It can manifest idiosyncrasy.But it is possible effect when using any drug.May occur mild gastrointestinal disorders, which will be held after stopping.To the medicinal properties of willow-herb in the procurement have been preserved, must be complied with simple rules.

How to collect and store the rose-

collect materials necessary during flowering, which lasts from the last days of June until the end of summer.There is a nuance.By late summer the seeds ripen.Pooh, who accompanies this process should not get into Harvestable raw materials.When collecting willow-herb in the course is the whole plant.Stem, leaves, inflorescence.Stalk better to break off in the middle.Then perennial not die, and the next year will be a new source of raw healing.

Generally the plant is used in homeopathy as a whole.From the root to the inflorescence.The rhizome can be milled into flour and add baking.So do the Caucasus.Young tender leaves and blossoms can be added to salads, pre-pour over boiling water.We are more accustomed to the traditional use as a beverage.

Procurement of raw materials is as follows.The collected leaves and flowers are crimped by hand or passed through a meat grinder.The main thing is to give raw juice.The resulting mass was placed in a wooden box (available plastic) and covered with a damp cloth.This is important as the raw material must not dry out.After drying the fabric again, it must be moistened.Crate of raw materials put in a warm place and is kept at a temperature of 20-25 degrees about ten hours.At the same time raw material begins to rot and give off heat.There is a process of fermentation.In other words, the enzymes contained in the plant are activated.After ten hours, the raw material should be placed in the oven to dry at a temperature of 100-120 degrees.The resultant dried mass is crushed and put in a tightly closable container.Store in a dark place.Brew usual method for 10-15 minutes.

pronounced therapeutic effect has honey collected in the colors of willow-herb.He was named kipreyny.