Benefits and harms of tomato juice

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25 April 2016
Benefits and harms of tomato juice

in magazines about health often discuss useful and harmful properties of tomato juice.However, give a definite answer whether you can drink it in large quantities, no one has.In fact, how it will affect the health of reception, it depends on many factors, which will be discussed in this article.


Since tomato juice made from tomatoes, the first thing you need to figure out a useful themselves whether tomatoes.Homeland of the vegetable South America, it is here at our table there was a tomato.It has many nutrients (minerals, vitamins).Tomatoes are also rich in organic acids (malic, tartaric, citric).

However, in tomatoes has one very important feature.They contain lycopene.This carotenoid pigment which is also called antioxidant.These substances help the body fight free radicals, thereby protecting our body from cancer.More lycopene is released and absorbed by our body of thermally processed tomatoes.It turns out that of fr

esh tomato juice human body does not receive lycopene, but do not jump to conclusions.

Indeed, from raw tomato juice lycopene can not get, but the benefit of juice can be viewed from the perspective of the presence of vitamins and minerals.When heat treatment vitamins in tomatoes is lost, so is the best way to get them - a drink of fresh tomato juice.In this case, you would get all the vitamins and minerals: iodine, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, and vitamin K, PP, A, and others.

Regarding the use of juice for the treatment of disease, there is need to remember that any product is limited to use.For example, tomatoes - good anti-depressants because they contain serotonin.Tomatoes can be taken as food obese, as this vegetable is not calories.It contains volatile, which have anti-inflammatory effects.However, the tomato juice can be dangerous in diseases of the stomach, intestines.You can not drink it, and gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcer.Indications for use of tomato juice in this case depend on human health.

Most tomato juice is useful, but is contraindicated in certain diseases.Do not abuse canned juice.It can lead to the formation of kidney stones.Use it in moderation, and everything will be fine!