How to grow pomelo of bones at home

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19 May 2016
How to grow pomelo of bones at home

Many people often think that it would be good to grow pomelos at home.First, it is possible to save money if the tree starts to bear fruit, and you can show off to friends and acquaintances that you are in his apartment or in a house full grown citrus plants.


Given the fact that the natural climate for the normal growth and development of the pomelo is a tropicalor subtropical, be sure to take into account that our cold periods may come he did not like, and then you need to take care that the room climate was suitable.

Grow pomelo you're going to, obviously, from the seed.So, in this case, be aware that seed, who pulled out of fresh fruit for the landing, it is necessary to keep about 3 months at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, and the humidity in the room should be in the range of 56 to 58%.

As growing pomelo?

bring to your attention the photo session that we spent

watching the growing pomelo fruit at home.

first breaks a little green sprout.

If you planted some seeds, then the germs can be more.

then we see how to grow and elongate leaves.

Then you notice, like a tree trunk begins to take shape.

If you notice that your tree begins to bloom, wait, you have almost reached their goal.


Planting broom can be in any capacity, its composition does not matter.It can be wooden, plastic or pottery, the only prerequisite would be that in the capacity of small holes for water drainage, or, to put it another way, the drainage system.

Looking ahead to be said that pomelo demands to be shipped up and utensils for handling the following should be 4-6 cm larger in diameter than the old dishes.

process of planting is as follows.At the bottom of the pot or any other utensils fit a shard, then it is laid drainage layer, which consists of expanded clay or sand.The thickness of the drainage layer must not exceed 3 cm.

If there is a dry manure to a drainage layer can put a thin layer of manure, as in this case, the manure will play the role of the natural recharge of natural plants.And finally, in the manure is poured a few handfuls of soil substrate.The substrate is slowly lowered plant and planting depth should be selected so that the root collar has on one level with the upper edge of the pot.

way, if a new pot, it should be left for a few hours in warm water, if the old - it is sufficient to rinse thoroughly and place in a plant.When the plant is large enough, it will need to handle in wooden vats, wooden boxes, etc.But the tree in this case must be such that will not be subject to decay and deterioration.


Pomelo is the type of plant, which requires compliance with watering and a strictly limited amount of water.Watering can not water from the tap - for these purposes it is better to use to defend the water, rainwater or melt water.

should strictly ensure that the broom is not too abundantly watered - the excess moisture can lead to the fact that the soil is sour, but the root system can not properly absorb moisture from the soil substrate.If water is not enough, this is again a bad thing, since the roots are not getting the right food will die out, and crumble the leaves and, a week later, the plant simply perish.

also useful to periodically spray the leaves.Spraying should produce a special system of spraying, or for these purposes, you can use conventional spray.But also need to spray only defending or rainwater.Spraying procedure significantly improves humidity in the room, which facilitates the evaporation of water leaves pomelo.Also, it helps to root systems, better absorb water.This is due to the fact that dry air is extremely harmful for the leaves and roots, especially if the plant was planted recently.

pomelo, as well as other plants, especially at the initial stage, requires proper fertilizer.Fertilizers may be either natural (soil humus or manure) and iskusstvennymi- using substances that contain nitrogen, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Speaking of artificial fertilizers, the most of them should be nitrogen-containing substance, since it was his (nitrogen) pomelo consumes the most, and besides, it is part of the protein needed for normal growth and development of pomelo.

Nitrogen must necessarily be combined with potassium, as it contributes to the normal absorption of potassium oxide.Also, potassium participates in the process of photosynthesis in which the sheet take all necessary substances from sunlight.

Pomelo likes to light was bright but diffused, that is, it should not be concentrated.During spring to autumn period and will make a good pomelo into the open air, but it must be remembered that it is impossible that the plant is under direct sunlight.This can lead to the leaves get a sunburn.

most optimal for the cultivation of a temperature which ranges from 24 to 30 degrees.The only, but very important condition is the fact that during the cold season pomelo can not be put on such sills, under which there is a battery or other heating devices, since hot air flows can burn the leaves of the plant.