From what to wear black shorts

By Admin | Fashion / Clothing
29 April 2016
From what to wear black shorts

Black shorts rather be attributed to the classic clothing.They are suitable for office and for everyday life.But most women have no idea what to wear, so do not buy them.But it is in vain.There are many different options.


Style Business - black shorts, medium length, thick dark tightswithout drawing a straight white shirt, jacket or vest dark.Set can be worn with platform shoes can be at high or ankle boots with suede.

Option evening - black shorts and fishnet sweater, preferably dark or bright colors, the composition will look complete with high jackboots.

Option for every day - black shorts, thick dark tights and a bright, easy-flowing fabric of the blouse, leather jacket or coat and bright expressive, natural, ankle boots, looked amazing.

option for the brave - black leather pants, black shirt, vest fur, extravagant ankle boots with open

toe.In such a combination, a bold and wonderful, dare not everyone.

with black shorts can be worn completely all outer clothing, it all depends on the ambient temperature from the jacket, cardigan, leather jackets, coats and finishing coat or a fur coat, both long and short.

Under black shorts are most suitable boots with furry or suede, but the boots that will still look spectacular, much more effective than boots.

most important thing - it's nothing to be afraid of.Experimenting and once again experimenting.And then questions and doubts will disappear by themselves.