Powerful fat-burning soup

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19 May 2016
Powerful fat-burning soup

every woman concerned with the problem of excess weight.In an effort to bring your body in shape, many women resort to methods of weight loss.Some are beginning to visit gyms, others learn the basics of diets of various diets.


One effective way to combat excess weight is fat burning soup based ononions.Here is a recipe for onion soup French.Besides the obvious dietary properties, it also has an effect on the excretion of toxins.However, it should be understood that the success of weight loss is a comprehensive approach.Eating soup, you need to exercise to lose weight, so that the result was not long in coming.


Deciding to begin the fight for an ideal body weight, you need to consult a doctor.Some of the products or their shortage can seriously affect your health.Eating onion soup is contraindicated for people with diabetes and anemia.Also, it will be difficult upotrelenie for those who

because of their taste preferences can not tolerate onions.

The benefits of onion soup is the fact that American cardiologists prescribe it to their patients suffering from excess weight before surgery.His reception will help lay the foundation of proper nutrition in the chaotic diet of modern man, who has decided to experience for yourself this diet.

Terms diet

Between eating onion soup, as with any other diet, there are some limitations.It is necessary to eliminate from your diet, sweet, fatty, spicy, salty, smoked, fried foods and other products to lose weight.It is also not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

effect of diet is noticeable almost immediately.For a week, you can successfully get rid of up to 8 kg.If the loss exceeds the specified number of kilograms, is interrupted diet.In all you need to know the measure.


dish consists of vegetables, it is very easy to prepare and is beneficial from an economic point of view.Composed

  • 6 bulbs,
  • cabbage,
  • green peppers,
  • bunch of celery,
  • Bank tomato,
  • cube beef bouillon or onion.

All the ingredients are carefully prepared way.They should be washed, cleaned of seeds and peel, chop and place in a saucepan with water.Put the soup on the stove and bring to a boil.Boil need about 10 minutes, then turn down and simmer soup until complete softening of vegetables.

There should be hot when will hunger.The principle is simple: the more you eat, the more you lose.Soup does not add calories completely.It is satisfying and has a pleasant taste.It can be easy to take with you to work, pouring in a thermos.The course is designed diet for 7 days.

What else can you have

onion soup In addition, you can use a number of other products.First - fruits, all except bananas.Here are the best fruit for losing weight.The next day, vegetables can then be combined with the use of fruits and vegetables.Excellent help lose weight vegetables.At this stage, it is already possible to notice the obvious loss of several kilograms.

Diet is very loyal and allow eating in the middle of the entire cycle of high-calorie foods.It is products such as bananas, milk, that will enrich the body with calcium and carbohydrates.Allowed to use them only one day for the entire course.You can then two days to eat vegetables with the meat, without the presence of visible fat in it, but in the end allowed rice diet combined with vegetables.

What to drink during the diet is necessary to strictly observe the drinking regime.It should be as often as possible to drink sugar-free beverages.They may be unsweetened tea, coffee, fruit juice.Lack of fluid in the body it is dangerous dehydration that cause serious damage to all the internal organs.What to drink to lose weight.

After the seven-day course of a diet is not necessary to continue its further use.We need to rest your body.However, lean with a vengeance on foods high in calories is not to lost weight never came back again.And in order to maintain and consolidate this result, you should regularly do physical exercises.

Soups - a diet that will find its fans among those who can not tolerate starvation.She did not bring harm to the body and help gentle way to lose a few kilograms overweight.

Another fat burning soup can be prepared from celery.