How to please her husband

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25 March 2016
How to please her husband

is not the same men in the world.However, they have a lot in common.If you constantly try to please her husband, the marriage will be happy.To do this you need to follow a few rules.By following these recommendations, you can live in harmony with her husband for many years.


1. Avoid scandals.This is the first and most important rule, observing that you can not fail in their family life.Men hate tears and the whims of women, so do not ever hold hysterics when her husband, for example, forgot to take out the trash or fix the faucet.

husband will tolerate periodic complaints of his wife?

  • Yes, but it was only periodic, not permanent.
  • Sometimes you can complain, but not too much.
  • It is his duty - to empathize and help his wife.
  • No, because it just will not work to please.

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2. The man should be the head of the family.Every husband wants to feel like a real man a

nd be the head of the family.Without it, no major decisions have to be taken, so you can please her husband, constantly consulting with him.Even if you think he is wrong, try to quietly prove his opinion, but the final decision will still have to take it.Observing only this rule, you can get rid of all kinds of family conflicts.

3. Praise your loved one.A kind word and a cat is nice, especially the man.To please her husband , need to always praise him for all that he does for the home, for family, for you.Any action, even fines should be assessed on merit.Once you start doing it, you immediately feel the change in his behavior.He will try harder for your happiness and family.

4. Be successful.It is not necessary to dissolve in the life of her husband.A woman is required to develop their abilities, for example, constantly improve their cooking skills, good to be able to dance, play the piano, to be successful in their careers, or are very good at household chores.To please her husband, is necessary to please his friends.He must know what he can praise his wife in front of his friends.To do this, the wife need to be an interesting, beautiful and have some abilities.

husband will be able to please, if you deliberately seek greater heights in your career?

  • No, the family - family, career - a career.
  • I think even my husband like that his wife had reached something serious.
  • please her husband in such a way to get only if he achieved nothing.
  • Yes, every man thinks to be a successful woman.

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5. Do not assume that the husband should be the master of all trades.He, of course, can be golden hands, but if he does not know how to fix the tap or else do something around the house, you can not blame him in this, and to reproach.It is better to call the master and not quarrel over trifles.

6. Variety in bed.We must remember that the husband can not be criticized in bed.Besides it is always nice to bring changes in the sexual life.

7. It is advisable not to forget to flirt with her husband.So he will see that he does not care about you.