How to refuse and not to offend Man

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25 March 2016
How to refuse and not to offend Man

Proximity to bed - sharing a wonderful activity that brings together a man and a woman, makes marriage stronger.Only here what to do if had a hard day and the girl does not want to close.In this case, there are two options: to come up with an excuse, or go to the trick.If you use the second option, you can deny the guy and not to offend him.So, there are a few secrets, how to do it.


1. Viewing the film.

is best suited for this viewing of horror.Loud squealing with fear, you can go to a warm bed.However, the man mandatory inspection before the end of this horror.But this time you will have sweet sleep.It's a great way to avoid sex and not to offend anyone.

2. Extreme sports.

can burn it to a class of extreme sports.Large releases of adrenaline will replace intimacy.Moreover, when the sore muscles and joints do not have to, I want to send to bed and sleep soundly.In thi

s case, the proximity can replace massage.

3. Exercise.

From this method - double benefit.First, a man will do all the household chores: will wash the dishes, will score a nail, hang a shelf, to repair the wiring.Secondly, he will be thinking not about intimacy, and how quickly it would go to relax.

4. loyal friend.

Here a major role to play your friend.It needs to say that she had not got on with her husband, problems at work, and it urgently needs your help.Naturally, you will immediately come to her to talk to comfort.Pretty good way.

5. Dense dinner.

It is very tasty and a nice solution to the problem.You just need to take him to a restaurant, it is better to McDonald's, order a hamburger and a lot of stuff.Hiking in the cafe can be postponed, and the most dense to cook dinner.After him, the man will turn around in my head, only one thought - let pill "mezim."

6. not look tempting.

This method is very risky, but it is 100% effective.We should dress in old clothes, such as skirts to toe, knitted sweater, perfume grandmother's perfume of her youth.However, do not abuse this way because you can lose the man she loved.

There are many ways in which you can not deny the guy hurt him.But do not abuse them, because then the guy can do no longer want intimacy with the girl.