What should be his wife

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25 March 2016
What should be his wife

What feminine qualities are most valuable for men?This question is interesting for several generations of women.Perhaps the answer is to ask the men, because they know best what they want to see his wife beside him.The interesting thing is that the views of women, men, author differ.


According to the writers, the wifeIt should be well-groomed, able to cook delicious meals for her husband, be polite and do not clean up his things, in any case, do not criticize him prelyudno not talk to him about the first marriage.Books give a very dry answer.It is likely the observance of some strict rules, but does not apply to the love between husband and wife.If you only live by the rules, life was boring.In human relations must always be present innovation, so, by the way, according to the man.

The relationship of wife and husband to appear periodically novelty?

  • course, and the more the better.
  • This is important but not paramount.
  • novelty value in the relationship of husband and wife is greatly exaggerated.
  • Let it be, but only if she wants a husband.

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turns out that the books give good advice, but they are not always useful in life.It often happens that a woman is accurate, tactful, cook, look after themselves, and the husband is still something that is not satisfied.But the other girl did not know how to cook, do not always polite, and the man she admires and finds the perfect wife.What is the secret?Just not that many people think of the girl.

Many women say: "smart, beautiful, athlete, business woman, a housewife and a perfect woman."Striving for the ideal - it's the main mistake women.You can not be the best in everything.This is a very high bar, which at all times will keep on their toes, so you need to give up the idea to be perfect.Besides, the man is not necessary that the wife had some incredible powers.For him, it is important to feel love for his wife and the understanding of her.

What is more appreciated in his wife, emotional warmth to her husband or specific practical skills?

  • Men do not need emotional warmth.
  • wife should have and so, and others.
  • ability to support a man in a difficult period is more important.
  • wife should be what it is like her husband.

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The question is especially important for them, men respond differently.Some even called the 10 commandments of the perfect wife.But for all it is important that the beloved has betrayed the family.It is obliged to love their children, husband.The unequivocal answer the representatives of the powers that be do not give.Everyone has their own ideas on the subject.However, in many of the same opinion: the wife should please her husband, to love family and always be interesting, then it can rightfully be called perfect.

Never need to dwell on some specific rules.Always feel the heart, which need to be with the beloved.Women are lucky in this sense.They have the gift.We just need only to listen to the heart, and it will never let you down.