Running for burning fat

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30 March 2016
Running for burning fat

Classes run usually have a specific goal.This may be an increase in stamina, health promotion, updating the figure.Very often practiced running to burn fat.Of course, in this case, there are specific features that have to be taken into account.Otherwise, get the fat burning will not be easy.


How to start jogging

Runners wrong to think that they do notIt requires a warm-up.In fact, to avoid injury, it is absolutely necessary.Therefore, before running himself necessarily need a little "warm up."By the way, if and fat burning will be more efficient and simple.

Before running the best warm up using aerobic exercise, stretching with the muscles and the "acceleration" of blood.Then, after the transition to the run, aimed at burning fat, you can avoid the discomfort and reduce the risk of injury.

Warm-up is performed with the neck, then move on to the hands, body an

d legs.Separately need to work out a foot.The most effective exercises to warm up before a run is a circular motion, swings and lunges.

Why jogging burns fat?

itself running it can not be called by burning fat.Still, in the first place it aims to strengthen the body.Through it manages to strengthen the muscles that make the body fit.To achieve the effect, which manifests itself in burning fat, you can run only when combined with other loads.Best of all, if it will be training in the gym.

also worth to warn those that want to get fat burning by using the run that the initial effect might upset them.Approximately two weeks first leg may be the increase in volume.The fact that the muscle is first observed delay lactic acid.But then she resolves, so the legs are of a size the same as they were before.

What running is more effective for burning fat

It is believed that the most effective way to burn fat in this case is jogging.In another way it is called "shuffling."That he is more suited to people unprepared, does not allow the injured knee.And another reason that jogging is best for burning fat is in its "simplicity".Moderate rate, which in this case is assumed allows jogging last more than 30 minutes.This is necessary when the task is to get rid of fat.

Another important requirement concerns the time at which you need to make a run.If the task is to burn fat, it is best to start training as soon as possible.The ideal time to start running - from 6.00 to 7.00.Because of this it is possible to effectively stimulate metabolism, accelerate metabolism after sleep.After 11.00 already fully "wake up" the muscles, so this period is effective for strength training, not fat loss.As

need to run to lose weight

course, the task to achieve combustion of extra kilos is very significant.But in the first place should be the task of maintaining in good condition the knee.Due to the long duration of the run, aimed at burning fat (over 30 minutes), equipment movement is particularly important.

It is extremely important, what is the preparation of a runner.Beginners need to touch the ground when landing heel and then transfer the weight on the toe.This option is best suited for long runs.Trained runners can turn to the more complex techniques, when done right landing on the toe and the heel does not touch the ground.By the way, the second option is better helps in burning fat.

Here are the basic rules that must be followed during this exhausting race.

  1. necessary to monitor the pulse.It is advisable to purchase a heart rate monitor that will show your heart rate.The optimum rate is within the range from 120 to 150 beats.
  2. committed Exhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth is necessary.First, it is rather difficult, but with experience this technique becomes a habit.Only in this way of breathing while running to burn the muscles are not sore in his right side.
  3. When the pain in my side while running need to reduce its pace.Another method - slow breathing, not subtracting running speed.In some of the recommendations it says that breath and out you need to do to step 4.In fact, there is no stringent requirements.It is important to run was comfortable and without discomfort.
  4. step length when running for fat loss should be the same as during ordinary walking.

described running to burn fat most of all effective.No need to rush just to beat records.Starting with 30 minutes a day, you can gradually move to hour sessions.Then it will be not only burn fat, but also to strengthen the body in general.