Thrush in the baby

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20 March 2016
Thrush in the baby

Certainly many young mom faced with this disease, as thrush in the newborn.The disease progresses very quickly.Yesterday you have watched as your baby fun walks and whooped, and today he is crying all day and does not take the breast or your favorite bottle of milk.This change of behavior you have an urgent need to look into the baby's mouth and see what happens there.If you see that on the tongue and inside the cheeks appear white bloom, then, most likely, the baby thrush.


such diseases as thrush, the newborn children is very common, and yet it is called "thrush."Candida is considered normal microorganisms that live peacefully at different mucosa.But if suddenly increased their number, that is, they exceed the norm, once the disease begins to progress.

How do we determine by sight thrush?The fact that yeast is manifested primarily redness and sometimes swelling in mucosa mou

th.Also, there is a white coating on the tongue, the feeling that your baby ate porridge and semolina smeared mouth.If a plaque on the tongue, so called curd, then get rid of it easily, but if there were sores, whereas no medical treatment is necessary.

Candida are very fond of sweets, so if the baby drinks too sweet or sweet mixture vodichku, it also can cause thrush.Also, the disease can occur if the child has a weak immune system, premature infants, diabetics, at long application of antibiotics, as well as if the parents do not comply with the rules of hygiene.

How to treat thrush in the newborn?

If your baby's thrush, and you told someone about this, you will be advised immediately to make soda solution.Yes, of course soda solution will help you to remove the white coating of the mouth, but he was not able to kill Candida.You can dilute the solution to warm some water, add the baking soda and wipe the baby's mouth, worse will not happen.But the thrush in the mouth may still indicate that candida settled in zhuledochno tract.In this case, the baby temperature rises, it will upset the chair, and the baby will be weak and sluggish.This suggests that a soda and glycerin, which is also often advised to treat thrush, can not walk and talk.

Do not baby stuff is not necessary preparations.Therefore, if you are sure that the baby thrush, be sure to consult a doctor, he should choose a professional treatment for this disease.But you first need to quickly boil the soother, pacifier, bottle and carry out disinfection of toys that the child takes into her mouth.

Prevention thrush

In order to avoid such diseases as thrush, parents need to be prevented.Expectant mother, who is still in the family way, be sure you need to watch out for health.It is also important to nurse your baby breast milk, as mother's milk because the baby will be a strong immune system.

constantly processing, boil or sterilize the dishes with which the baby eats and nipples.Do not forget about personal hygiene, especially if you frequent contact with the child.Try to strengthen the immune system of the baby, the wire air, water treatment and makes the child a light massage.

course, every mother in pain watching how her baby is crying loudly and suffering as thrush causes discomfort and pain in the mouth.So help your baby, it is not necessary to delay treatment.Most importantly, do not set yourself diagnosed and certainly not self-medicate.Take the baby for a consultation with the doctor, that he will assign you the same soda solution and possibly medication that will help to quickly overcome this disease.Because the disease is easier to prevent than to treat long and painful.If you comply with all recommendations of the doctor, your baby definitely get better quickly!