What vitamins given to children

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26 March 2016
What vitamins given to children

Currently, the sale of a large number of vitamins for children of different ages.All are designed with the younger age characteristics of the organism.Recall that they can be divided into three groups.


  1. Single component, which include only one vitamin.
  2. Multivitamins - a vitamin complexes, containing vitamins in the composition.
  3. vitamin-mineral complexes, whose composition included in addition to vitamins and trace minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and others. These vitamins, of course, better fill the needs of the growing organism.Their advantage is that they take, usually once a day.

vitamins are available in the form of syrups, drops, pills, tablets and chewable tablets.

course, unequivocally answer, what vitamins are best for children, it is impossible.It all depends on the individual characteristics and taste preferences of the individua

l child.

How to choose vitamins

The first note, for children of the age is the vitamin complex, what kinds of vitamins and minerals and how much it contained.This is important, since different ages needs of the organism in certain vitamins and trace elements are different.

necessary to choose the products of famous manufacturers, proven in the market of this group of drugs and trusted physicians and consumers.

Proven drugs

immediately agree that the quality of products, as referred to below, is high, so as the quality of raw materials and manufacture products these companies is controlled and guaranteed by European standards and the manufacturer's name.

for children under one year is small selection of vitamins, since the necessary material is mainly the child receives breast milk or formula milk.Drugs such as watering Baby (Polyvit baby) and Multi-Tubbs Baby, provide the most balanced mix of vitamins, essential child of a given age.

For older children and popular well suited to meet all requirements of quality vitamins and minerals, as the Multi-tabs, Alphabet, peaks Vitrum, Centrum, Sana-Sol.

Multi-tabs (Denmark).This grade produces vitamins for children in different forms: in the form of drops, chewable tablets and coated tablets.A wide range of vitamin complexes meet the needs of the child's body of any age, from children to teenage years before.A well-balanced composition and dosage of vitamins and minerals.Take once a day, which is also a positive thing.

Alphabet , the Russian brand, introduced in 2001 , but has worked well and is very popular among both doctors and consumers.The composition is divided into three tablets of different colors, which take different times.This avoids negative interaction of components, so the vitamins and minerals that are included in the "Alphabet" digested better, less likelihood of allergies, therefore, greater efficiency vitamin complex.Small minus - taking the drug three times a day.

Preparations brand Pikovit (Slovenia) are available in the form of syrup and lozenges contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for children's immune system, proper development of the musculoskeletal system, mental activity.The ratio and the amount of active substance corresponds recommended at this age.

Vitrum (USA) - combined vitamin and mineral complex that contains all the necessary for a growing body of vitamins and minerals.Suffice balanced composition, but some substances contained in the maximum allowable amounts.Recommended for children from 12 years.Take once daily.

Centrum (USA) - is similar in composition to the drug Vitrum.For sale is a chewable tablet for children ages 2 to 4 years, and tablets for children from 12 years.Take once daily.

Sana-Sol has a balanced composition, suitable for young children.