What spices and seasonings can be added to children's meals?

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14 April 2016
What spices and seasonings can be added to children

impossible to imagine a tasty dish without adding herbs and spices that enrich the aroma and taste of food.Preparing a meal for your baby, you must be careful with the spices, as not all the spices can be used in baby food.Here are recipes for children from years.


Even a seemingly innocuous ingredient, like salt, you can notconsumed in large quantities in the children's menu.The day for 1 kilogram of body weight a child should receive no more than three milligrams of salt.

Do I need to add salt to baby food

Until now, the baby was fed only formula or breast milk.New products (cereals, fruits, vegetables) have a fairly full-bodied taste, and the taste buds of the child have a special sensitivity and not spoiled by salt and sharp spices.Therefore, the salt can not only enrich the taste of the food as to spoil it.

sea ​​salt

addition salt found in many foods that fall into the diet of

children.Butter, cheese, bread - with them the child receives the necessary amount of this mineral.But if the food for the baby still seem fresh, and it is impossible to resist the temptation to spice them replace salt cranberry or lemon juice.Juice enrich foods with vitamin C and make the taste more expressive.Enter in the diet of baby salt should be gradually and slowly, because it would create unnecessary excess load on the kidneys or cause some health problems.It may seem that salted insufficiently meals have no taste, and the baby refuses to eat them.But the child never ate salted them, and it was not possible to compare anything.

How to add garlic dishes for children?


Garlic - a natural antibiotic that has antibacterial properties.Therefore, in the autumn and winter a small amount of garlic must be present in the diet of the child, since it protects the child against various infections.Garlic can be added to the olive oil, which are filled with salads and cooked fresh vegetables, use as a seasoning for meat.Also, you can add garlic, steamed vegetables or soup.

To soften the sharp taste and smell of garlic, do not give it in its raw form, it is better to add to stews and cooked dishes at the end of cooking.Of course, during heat treatment the beneficial properties of garlic are lost, but the smell and the taste becomes less pronounced.

Herbs, suitable for children's meals

diversify the child's diet can be, adding to the food fragrant herbs.

dill, parsley

Parsley is very useful as a spice for babies.It strengthens and improves the appearance of hair.

Dill helps to remove gases, has a beneficial effect on the activity of the intestine.Dill and parsley can be added to meat or vegetable dishes, soups, salads.

Basil prevents swelling, relieves spasms and inflammation.Add basil can be almost anything: to salads, steamed vegetables, fish, meat.

in food for baby food, you can add thyme, ginger, cumin, cloves, bay leaf, star anise, oregano and vanilla.

to fresh herbs added to the food for the kids, could save as much as possible of its mineral properties and has not lost a delicious flavor, add them to the food needed after the end of cooking.It is best to sprinkle the food finely chopped fresh herbs before serving.

What can not be included in the children's diet?


can not give their children foods containing synthetic flavor enhancers, colorings, preservatives, flavorings.These substances can cause allergic reactions and abdominal pain.

They are found in carbonated beverages, crackers, chips, pastries, have a long shelf life, sausages, sausages.It is necessary to try to protect children from such products.

can not be consumed in the diet of baby canned food factory with meat or fish, not intended for nutrition of children, as well as sweets, which is present in the composition of palm oil is harmful.

Sweet additives in feeding children

Honey can spice many dishes.The composition of honey consists of enzymes, complicating the life of microorganisms.


However, remember that honey - a strong allergen, so it must be administered in the diet of a child with special care.For the year-old baby daily serving of honey is no more than 1 teaspoon.

Children can get acquainted with the sweet taste of cinnamon is very useful to improve digestion, strengthen the appetite, prevent diarrhea.

Meat dishes and desserts will be healthier and tastier if used in the preparation of dried apricots, prunes, raisins.For example, cottage cheese with dried fruit - quick and easy to prepare dessert, and kids will love it.

Dried apricots - a rich source of potassium and fiber, it helps cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system, raisins helps to improve intestinal motility.

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