The gestures of sympathy men

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26 March 2016
The gestures of sympathy men

fairly well-known fact that in the process of communication people are actively using gestures, most of which is done automatically, on a subconscious level.The relationship between a man and a woman, especially in the phase of courtship, nonverbal gestures of sympathy play an important role.And to succeed in a romantic relationship is very important to know how to apply a particular sign, and decrypt gestures of sympathy addressed to you.In this article we will look at what are the gestures of sympathy for the men.To learn how to show sympathy for the girl, read separately.


  1. Surprised raised eyebrows.When a person attractive to us, unconsciously begin to make his eyebrows up and down movement.If you have noticed the same movements eyebrows vashogo the object of attention - rest assured, it is also interested in you.Facial expressions and
    gestures of sympathy for these so elusive that does not take up more than a fifth of a second to notice them quite difficult, but if you managed to - you know, you absolutely have noticed.
  2. slightly open mouth.If between you and another person established sympathy, his / her lips slightly open unconsciously, it costs you only meet the gaze.
  3. Ā«Attention!".If a man wants to please a woman and to show its advantages, the note - it will stand straight, tense, his shoulders straight, stomach pulled - the same name as the Army team.And if the conversation he just leans over to you to listen, it is, according to experts studying nonverbal communication, even better.
  4. Games with wardrobe.Unobtrusive seemingly movement - as amended by the tie - in fact means that the man wants you to notice it.By the same "invisible" signals for attention include such gestures male sympathy as priglazhivanie hair flick of his jacket, as amended by the lapels.The most significant movement - twisting buttons on the jacket - it is a sign of nervousness, a man unconsciously shows that he is ready to remove clothing for you and nervous successfully to happen.Well, if a man when you took off his jacket, put his hands on his hips, then translated to sign language, this means: "I am confident and already I see you in my bed."
  5. gestures of sympathy with the women's hair.Well familiar to all owners of long hair (though not only long) gesture - tilting hair from the face - nothing more than an expression of sympathy for the woman.Also, the gesture unconsciously done to simply draw attention to himself.The same objectives and is licking his lips.By the way, this gesture is also quite often used by men, is not only a gesture of sympathy for women - note how many times during a conversation with you, he or smoothed ruffled his hair.Examining
  6. .It's simple and obvious.Frank viewing your figure in the process of communicating with meaningful glance stops on the prettiest parts of it says only one thing - you are in the role of a potential partner in bed.
  7. crossing of legs.Sometimes it is helpful to understand sign language.Pay attention to wear shoes of the interlocutor.If they point to you - it is a sign of interest.About the same evidence and bend your knee side.If you want to make it clear that the interlocutor is shown very much interest and you do not mind decisive action on his part, then you will win women's seductive pose: sit down, pursing both feet under him and exposing his knees.
  8. Gestures cylindrical objects.While in an excited state, and a man and a woman will always find a nearby object elongated shape and begin to stroke it.For men, these items are associated with female breasts, for women - the subject of manhood.Erogenous zone is also considered the wrist area.Not for nothing, intrigued by the man, the woman will try to show his hands and wrists.
  9. Touch face.If you are interested in the interlocutor in communication will often unconsciously touch their ears, chin, cheeks.Many believe that in this way unconsciously fixed lie.This is not quite true.The skin of the lower face and lips become sensitive if the field of view is the object of your liking.And you will seek unconsciously touch her - when smoking will inhale more frequently, using liquid - will do more sips.Besides touching the lips rather hinted on your willingness to kiss.
  10. leading hand.If a man has decided to support your elbow or shoulder - this is not only a sign of courtesy to help get through the crowd.It is a gesture of sympathy for the man, testifying about his subconscious belief that you are in his hands and will not be lost.And pretty clear signal to other men - that you are not alone.And in the end - it's just a nice touch.It is a positive gesture.
  11. Offer suit jacket.Even if you do not die of hypothermia - such a gesture is testified primarily about patronage and protection.It's kind of possessive gesture, if you wear "it" thing, then you will automatically become "his" - your smell mixed.And finally, if you go with a bye in his jacket, the man would be a good excuse to see you again, at least in order to take back his thing.

study of facial expressions and gestures of sympathy for men and women - a very exciting process.Understanding body language and observing non-verbal gestures buddy, you can not only promptly determine sympathy in his address, but identify the bad intentions of people in time to prevent communication.Everyone knows that people who can read facial expressions on the faces - a very sensitive and a good conversationalist.But as you know, a hint of his sympathy man can not just gestures, and other actions.To learn how to decipher them correctly, follow the link.