Pistachio: property, consumption rate, calorie

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02 June 2016
Pistachio: property, consumption rate, calorie

Who would have thought that such a popular and common pistachios are grown on the "tree of life"?As it turned out, they call in the East pistachio tree.It is located in the east of his country, where it is grown in our time.In ancient Persia these nuts were used as currency.


There are many varieties of pistachio tree, it grows alone, but sometimes,there are small groves of trees with sparse location: in spite of the small height, the trees have huge root system.Blossoms pistachio tree, usually in April and March, and the crop is harvested in July and August.First nuts dried in the sun, and then they enter by the buyer.Countries supplying pistachios are: Greece, Syria, Iran, Spain, Italy, USA, Turkey.These nuts are considered very popular.What is the reason?

First of all it is worth noting their excellent taste, and, of course, health benefits.If you do not think about it, then you will

be very interesting and informative read the information below.

Ingredients Pistachio Pistachio

significantly different from all the nuts so that they are perfectly balanced calories and amino acids, vitamins and minerals.For example, they contain a large amount of copper is also present phosphorus and manganese.Also, these nuts have magnesium and potassium.


Regarding vitamins, the pistachios are rich in B vitamins, especially B6.In doing so, they may well compete with beef liver.If you eat 10 peanuts a day, a person has the ability to absorb a quarter of the norm of vitamin B6.Other B-group vitamins are available in smaller amounts.

Phenolic compounds in pistachios provides their amazing antioxidant capacity - that is to say the preservation of a young body, preventing the destruction of the cell walls by free radicals.In addition, these compounds help the growth and regeneration of cells.Also, the ability of the antioxidant is vitamin E, and for this reason is sometimes called rejuvenating pistachio nuts.The ancient Persians believed the magic nuts.Probably because they have helped to keep fit and strength for a long time.For example, in the US, it is the first among the four groups of products which have antioxidant abilities.

Furthermore, pistachios contains important substances such as lutein and zeaxanthin - carotenoids is that help to preserve vision.These substances also strengthens bone tissue of the body: the skeleton, bones, teeth.Pistachios - the only nuts that contain these carotenoids.

And of course fiber.More than other nuts it is contained in pistachios.30 grams of peanuts contains the same amount of fiber in a serving of oatmeal.And we all know that our body does not have enough fiber.Well, as a result of: Pistachio - an ideal product for the fact that to supply the body with nutrients, including fiber.

benefits of pistachios to our body

First of all, it is a good tool for that would maintain vigor and vitality.Due to the fact that in pistachios successfully combined calorie and nutrients, they are ideal for clinical nutrition.Their main feature is that the Tx process without outside technological intervention, so it is a clean, environmentally friendly product.Exceptions are lightly salted pistachios, as before drying their soaked in salted water.


They recommended depleted patients.And their caloric content and a huge supply of minerals and vitamins allows you to include these nuts in food athletes and those engaged in intellectual work.

liver diseases they help strengthen its operational functions, and clears the bile ducts, preventing blockage.If there are hepatic colic, they are easily removed with the help of pistachios.They also help treat jaundice and anemia.If you regularly eat them, you can reduce the risk of heart disease, remove palpitations, strengthen blood vessels.Very useful when pistachios respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.

These nuts also serves as an aphrodisiac - if taken regularly, can enhance sexual potency, improve the quality of sperm, increasing the mobility and vitality of germ cells in males.

Can harm their health, regularly using them for food, read the article on the benefits and harms of pistachios.

calorie intake

Of all pistachio nuts are almost the lowest calorie: 550-650 kcal.100 gr., Whichever grade.Because they can be safely considered as dietary and eating.Typically, a day to consume no more than 10-15 nuclei.And the rate of calorie is normal, and the body learns enough fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Usually Nobel laureates pistachios consumed with champagne during the celebration.The Russians also like to regale them with beer.Connoisseurs like to eat them with strawberries and cheese.It is not known what the recipe is the most useful, but it is best to eat a few nuts just like that, without anything.

There is a delicious recipe with the best combination of products.Take tomatoes, peeled from the skins and seeds, finely chopped.Mince finely onions, nuts pound.Then all this stir and sprinkle with crushed red pepper.After all configure themselves for 10 minutes, serve.This combination does not negate the beneficial properties of pistachios, and gives them to enjoy the health benefits.In addition, this salad is called "Egyptian", which gives it even more luster.But other salad recipes with pistachios.