Pickled Ginger

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19 May 2016
Pickled Ginger

Nowadays one can hardly find a man, never tried sushi.Consequently, pickled ginger, is an important component of food, invented in Japan, known to all except people who ginger is contraindicated.Regardless of the season, in Japanese cuisine it is applied consistently, while the use of other pickled vegetables directly related to their season of ripening.So, how to prepare this delicacy?



  1. ginger - root weight of 250 grams,
  2. sake and rice wine rose "Mirin" - 2 tablespoons.spoons,
  3. 90 ml.rice vinegar,
  4. 90 ml.rice vinegar,
  5. 5 hours. spoons of sugar sand.


To prepare the required wash ginger root, peel it from the peel and boil for 1 minute in boiling water.Boil dry moisture.

Mix and boil sugar, sake and mirin.The resulting sauce to combine with vinegar, pour over the ginger, which had previously been laid in a glass container.Cover and set aside

for 4-H days.After a while it becomes the root of a pale pink color.

perfectly cooked ginger stored in the refrigerator for one month and is often used as a seasoning for sushi and other Japanese dishes.