Simple means the beauty of everyday waste: savings and benefits

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10 March 2016

  • Simple means the beauty of everyday waste: the economy and the use of
  • avocado, coconut oil, tea

simple means beauty trend of "do it yourself" has become very popular in the beauty industry in recent years.This idea can be a success at all - to groups that create their own labels to people who create furniture, and, of course, those who prepare their own means of simple beauty.Many of the benefits of such independent thinking include a sense of independence, pure creativity and the acquisition of new skills.

specific areas to create your own beauty products can also inspire you to learn more about the ingredients in their products iispolzovat for face and body as basic as possible.An added bonus is, of course, is that your own beauty products can also be very cost-effective, saving you money in the long run.

Homemade cosmetics has become so popular that even companies pay attention to it and change its own products in such a way that the consumer can prepare itself the final product on the basis of instru

ctions.These companies are, of course, have the potential to create natural cosmetic options, but why not stop being average user and do not create their own cosmetic products based on their preferences?

Do yourself a step in the creation of cosmetics ingredients that can be found in your home - in particular, is that you're going to throw out.This idea, among other things, is very environmentally friendly, you will have a "waste-free production", and use their own products, which are also environmentally friendly.


lemon peel

Are you lemons, make salad dressing, lemon meringue pie or just squeeze lemon tea in the morning, you usually just throw away the peel into the trash.However, the lemon peel can be an excellent product for skin care Care as a habit Skin Care as a habit - alone or with a small amount of water.

to suffer blackheads and inflammatory elements in the skin that can be caused by environmental pollution, dirty pillowcases or touching the face with dirty hands will be useful to use the lemon zest - it can be a great way to prevent irritation, inflammation or, at least,greatly reduce the symptoms have begun problems.

lemon rind as a means of beauty

Just take a lemon, put pulp and juice to dry unwashed face and hold for about half a minute or even just twenty seconds.If you have cuts on his face, a lemon can be a little pinch, so be careful.After the time is up, use cool water to rinse thoroughly with lemon.Note, though, that the lemon juice is acidic enough to clean the dirt from the skin, it does not mean that it should be left on the skin for a long time, since it is very acidic.Make sure you are well washed it, and then just towel dry your face.

In addition, you can mix lemon pulp with a small amount of water to a gentle care before applying the means to face, but you still have to wash it off after twenty to thirty seconds.You can store the lemon peel in the refrigerator and use them for such a quick wash when you need it, to prevent the appearance of pimples or acne, or to reduce existing ones.


Coffee grounds and pulp almond

from self-made cosmetics for the face, you can go to the media for the body.Consider a very simple, effective and natural body scrub, again made of products that you may be going to throw.When you do your morning coffee in a coffee machine or to Turku, you tend to leave the coffee grounds.If your first thought will again throw the remains in the trash, better keep them in the refrigerator or freezer (the latter only if in the midst of water left).

coffee grounds as a means of beauty

If you do not drink coffee, but to make their own homemade almond milk, milk after straining through cheesecloth or a strainer, you will again get the almond pulp.Some may use it in baking to increase the amount of protein, but you can also keep it in the refrigerator as an important ingredient for homemade scrub.

Whether coffee grounds or almond pulp, and then, and more can serve as body scrub Body scrubs: how to make your skin smooth Body scrubs: how to make your skin smooth .The only difference between them is that the almond flesh, especially if it is processed for a long period of time, will be softer.No matter what you use, it is always better to mix it with a natural product, which will soften the peel and moisturize the skin.In this case, means that you could use, - coconut oil or shea butter, or you can take them both together.

almond pulp as a means of beauty

coconut oil and shea butter - excellent natural skin moisturizer, they mitigate the effects of a scrub, making the skin smooth and soft.Coconut oil also has a wonderful flavor, but if you prefer another, you can always add to the mix one or two drops of favorite essential oil to make your unique body scrub.Since coconut oil is solidified, but softened under the influence of the room temperature, you can use your fingers to soften it before adding to coffee grounds or almond pulp, or just warm up the right amount of money.

coconut oil as a means of beauty

Depending on your skin type, you can adjust the ratio between the scrub and moisturizer by trial and error.If you have sensitive skin, add more moisturizer.If you want a strong scrub to improve circulation, you can make the proper mixture.While in the shower, just take a small amount of the scrub and spread it all over the body or in the required fields.Turn off the water, so as not to wash vehicle ahead of time.Use the scrub and then rinse it and dry it with a towel just cleansing and moisturizing the skin.