"Irony of fate" or "Dog Love"?

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20 April 2016

Hardly had cast tears fans all over Neznamov avenge that "Angel" is in its place on the Israeli channel Viva came a new telenovela - not Mexican, like its predecessor, and the Colombian.One of two new, as early as the tenth in July will show the most popular (today) telenovela in the world - "ugly Betty".

At the peak of glory

"irony of fate", in contrast to the "Betty's" not so fresh - for the third year continues its march across the TV screens of various countries - is always triumphant.Incidentally, with the Spanish translation of its name has nothing to do with the option "Viva".Literally, it is "dog love".Or, closer to the meaning - "Love the dog" if the word "dog" to put the meaning that it has in Russia, is used to determine if the moral character much kobeliruyuschego men.

"Perro Amor" was named the best telenovela in the international competition "Premios Midia-98" in Spain, which is traditionally celebrated on the best audio-visual products of Latin American countries.Moreover, the compe

titors have "dog love" was serious enough - the owners of this prestigious award were not averse to become the Venezuelan telenovela "Samantha" and the Argentine - "Rich and Famous".Award received performer of one of the main roles - Danna Garcia, who specially arrived to Spain to attend the awards ceremony.

At present, we can see this actress on the Israeli channel "Viva" in the role of Marcela telenovela "Coffee with the scent of a woman."It was her first big role, but the real fame came to Dann after the role of Sofia in the "irony of fate".A 99-year Mexican company "Azteca" invited her to star in the telenovela "Hablame de Amor" - a remake of the TV series "Love in silence", succeeding starring famous Eric Buenfil, which currently can be seen in the telenovela "angelic face"(1st Israeli channel).This was followed by a major role in the joint US-Mexican series "Revenge" also successful, and now the actress is extremely popular in Latin America.

32 hletny actor for his role as Julian Arango "dog Brando" earned the award named after Simon Bolivar, as well as the hatred of some Colombian women, whom did not come to taste the image of "macho" never deny yourself the pleasure to seduce him vending lady.In vain in numerous interviews Julian tried to explain that his attitude towards women is quite different.It did not help his marriage to actress Anna Marie Orozco, who plays Veronica's girlfriend Sofia.However, the majority of the fair sex was still subdued charm of the actor, which, as they say, he was born.Apparently angry men spread the rumor that Julian - gay, and his divorce from his wife took over the undeniable proof of his hypothesis.

Many had to suffer much from the attacks of the people who have transferred their attitude to its character it itself, and Isabella Santo Domingo, who plays Camille, bitch Yes, bitch.And I'm proud of this!A day in the life Yes, bitch. , bitches and other, other, other.Vexed by this circumstance Colombian beauty simply ran away from the troubles in Miami, where now lives and works ...

But another actor - Diego Trujillo, who played the role of her slow-witted husband Gonzalo Brando - thankful that threw him a chance toas the role of the "gentle moron," as he calls his hero Diego.After the "irony of fate" it is with great success acted in four telenovelas and eventually was invited to Hollywood, where he played in the film "Living Proof," "with such stars of the first magnitude like Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe.
So telenovela thatbeat at home all records of popularity, come at last to the Israeli viewer. What is it?

And if it is love?

How would you feel if you knew that your partner twirled you the novel, on the proposal of itsmistress?

That is what happened in the telenovela "irony of fate" with Sofia Santana (Danna García). Very nice girl from a poor family liked the son of the rich Brando. At this point, Antonio (Julian Arango) in his room putting on a wedding suit and lookedWindow gathering of guests. Below the floor was finishing his pretty bride dress - Valdir Daniela (Vicky Rueda), but at this point it is not worried about the bride and charming girl, engaged in the organization of the wedding feast.She and her best friend Veronica (Ana Maria Orozco), could not help but notice how nice and charming stood at the window Antonio Brando.In an amusing and immediate Vero he did not even look, and the one to be glad for her friend, she began to flirt with the musicians, who arrived to entertain the audience.

handsome Beni (Fernando Solorzhano), or, as he introduced himself to her, Bernardo Caparroso, kept his head and begged cuties phone number.His friend, a dark-skinned musician Ricardo (Rocky) Paris (Oscar Borda, who plays in the telenovela "Coffee with the scent of a woman" Harold), can not take his eyes off Sophie, though she did not encourage him.If only Antonio ... She does not know that at this very moment five minutes spouse Daniela has been in her room with her cousin love Camilla (Isabella Santo Domingo).

These two spoiled and corrupt friends-lovers who have grown up together (in wealth and luxury!), Are playing a dangerous game with life and each other with love.For a long time they have come to believe that such feelings as passion, love can not provide them with sufficient adventure to get rid of boredom, and so vowed never to take them seriously.
relate to life as a game in which there is only one rule - do not fall in love.

Camila five years married Gonzalo Caceres (Diego Trujillo), who, along with his father Antonio work in the family construction company Brando.They are engaged in a new project in the district of San Jeronimo, where now there are houses of the poor, and Gonzalo even on their wedding day in talks with the representatives of the people living there.Paris Dagoberto (Hansel Camacho), the father of musician Rocky, and not too principled partner in the negotiations with the company Brando Kaparro Hyer (Carlos Hurtado) have already received the deposit and Gonzalo expect a check for the remaining amount, to sign an agreement on the sale of homes.He hopes for the money invested in the project of the bride's father, Fernando (Hugo Gomez), and persuaded not to delay the signing of the contract, they say, the entire amount you get tomorrow.Pressure Heyer Dagoberto agrees to sign the treaty, and happy Gonzalo immediately calls Brando Pedro (Frank Ramirez) and his wife, to tell the good news.Naturally, he did not realize that talking to him on his cell phone, Kamil makes love with Antonio.

to finish her husband she convincingly Antonio described how hard it will be a married life with the capricious Daniela, who will always be demand his attention.Kamila offers another cousin bet - she argues that he can not just throw the bride at the altar.Accustomed to be led by his girlfriend on games Antonio agrees to the bet, but in that requires that she took with him the love right by the window overlooking the lawn where guests gather.Camila agrees, but in the midst of their caresses in Antonio's mother bursts into the room, Cristina Brando (Carmencita Gomez) and arranges a couple of thorough dressing down.However, they are not too upset, because in front of an interesting moment.

Already in church Camila learns that money from the bride's father to the success of their project.She tries to tell Antonio that he was in any case should not implement their plan, but they still can not talk because of family gathered around the bride.Camila marks Antonio tries to explain that it is not necessary to raise a stink, but he sees it as the antics and gestures just grins back.

Due to the fact that Antonio throws his bride at the altar directly answering the question of a traditional priest "no", the company Brando is on the verge of bankruptcy.He does not know about it and having fun, uttering penitential speech supposedly realized at the last moment, that is not worthy of a girl that could only ruin her life and everything.Former bride crying on his father's chest, who swears revenge for its disgrace.And do everything possible not to be held anywhere relatives could not get the tools they need.

Feeling the need for money, Pedro and Gonzalo Brando deceive Dagoberto.Realizing that the buyer is going to pay for it passed into the ownership of the house, who, being unable to look into the eyes of the neighbors, commits suicide.

His son, Rocky vows to avenge the death of his father.He intends to make Brando pay for everything, and first of all, give the money to the unfortunate inhabitants of San Jeronimo.

Pedro, beside himself with rage at his son, deprive him of the credit card and apartments.And that, though unpleasant, but still not up to his father's tricky - he and Camilla new dispute: whether he can sleep with a clear and benevolent girl like Sofia.With a swoop did not work: the seducer invited the victim to dinner (making it the same with him to cook), including the full power of his charm, steal a kiss from her lips, and when he was already sure that Sophie is ready for everything, called Kamil and offered to listenhe won this bet.Insulted Antonio proposal to continue a pleasant evening in bed, Sofia rejects him, although she also admits Vero then that, in spite of everything, the guy she likes.

for the Union Sofia and Antonio serve their grandmothers - Carmen Brando (Consuelo Luzardo) and her friend Dona Ligia (Raquel Ercole).

Further events are quite different, as though it wanted to Camila.She had no idea that cousin arrange a waitress from the restaurant to work in the office of their company.And the more she could not think that Antonio actually begin to feel those same feelings of Sofia, from which they once abandoned.Antonio himself fall into the trap, which is rigged to Sofia - he more than anything else did not want to fall in love!And Camila intervention will lead to the fact that Sofia would bear a son by Antonio, who, suddenly realizing how deep his feelings, becomes a completely different person finally maturing and parted with his "fighting friend" Camilla.

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Irina Grushin