10 make-up subtleties that please men

By Admin | Beauty / Makeup
10 March 2016

subtleties makeup Most guys say they like a more natural approach to the make-up from their friends, but even when they are thinking so hard to achieve the right balance between freshness and openness.Try subtleties makeup that guys love, and learn how to execute them perfectly.

From the simplest way to make up your eyes How to make up your eyes to make them seem more: the expressive and moderation How to make up your eyes to make them seem more: the expressive and moderation in fine style, "Smokey" to the right way to make your lips so that they want to kiss, - try simple tips to reduceyour guy crazy.


Curl lashes

curling eyelashes

Even if the majority of men say they prefer a minimum of makeup or no eyes, there is one thing that makes you look great without shadows and pencilseye.Delicate curl eyelashes eyes animates and makes miracles.False eyelashes may be too noticeable, so another way to improve the natural make-up - it's just a touch curling mascara to the lashes, making sure you did not leave any lumps.


nakraste lips

Many children appreciate the subtle shine lip gloss, but

the fact that they hate almost as much - it's sticky feeling light when you leave your lipstick on their face and even on clothing.Get the ideal color with more resistance, using one of the best tricks of makeup that are popular with the guys.Apply a coat of lip gloss and a little lipstick, and then finish with another layer of gloss, so you minimize any blurring during a kiss.


Select a simple eye makeup in the style of "Smokey»

Smokey eye makeup

While eye makeup in the style of "Smokey" is in second placeon appeal to the guys after the natural eye, you can easily achieve success.Instead of using too many shadows and choose for themselves the dramatic style, you can use the simpler version, using one or two shades of eyeliner pencil and shading them together.


Try to more attractive blue eyes

Rather than dwell on the black, brown or gray, we can offer one of the best tricks of makeup that guys like.Add blue What colors are combined with blue: fashion new solutions What colors are combined with blue: fashion new solutions to other colors.If you choose a small dark blue eyeliner or lighter shade combined with a darker shade such as gray or black, you can easily create a great image, add lure your eyes.


Use blush correctly

Blush can easily create a business view, which makes you tired, but you should not ignore them completely.Delicate pink or peach blush artfully applied on the cheeks, can give you a complete image and make fresh face.Make sure your blush combined with make-up foundation a foundation: the basic principles of beauty A foundation: the basic principles of beauty or tinted moisturizer for a natural way of perfection.

Use blush


Make skin tender using powder with the effect of radiance

One of the best tricks of makeup that guys like - is applying powder with the effect of glow in the right way, with no frills.Start with a very small amount and apply it from the inner corner of the eyes, eyebrows and finishing top of cheekbones.You can always put another layer, but then the removal of the powder can be difficult.You can also add a touch icing on the nose.


Clean heavy-duty foundation makeup

Even if you want a flawless complexion, you should avoid the settled base layer on the face that most guys just hate.Focus on liquid products with a light coating for concealer and a foundation for.BB cream or tone moisturizer may be enough.It is better to start using concealer to simply apply it to certain places where it is needed.



Do not forget the hollow chest

Use one of the best tricks of makeup that guys like and improves the appearance of her cleavage by a shimmering powder or suntan.The secret to this furrow looked better, it is to apply a small amount of powder in the form of a shimmering capital T on your chest, but avoid the apparent brightness.As for tanning cream, apply it to the inside of the chest to make it look bigger.


Try gradual tanning lotion

tanning lotion

tan body - it's always sexy, but you do not have to risk their health in order to get it.Use a little self-tanning lotion, but always choose a lotion with a gradual effect.Thus, you can easily control it and stop before you go too far.


choose foods with glitter

Do not forget about the collarbone, arms and legs, even when you show some skin.Try one of the tricks of makeup that guys like, and use some tools with glitter to get the glow effect.