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18 April 2016

  • Transparent clothes: sexy trend
  • autumn-winter 2010-2011

Transparent clothing Over the past few years, a clear seasonal clothing from used on occasion turned into an evergreen accentfashion trend.At first it was thought that since transparent clothes absolutely frankly exposes the body, its place on the podium - and nowhere else.Now, however, by the transparent tissue stress almost any part of the body, in which there is no aggressive sexuality.What has changed in a few years, and, most importantly, how to enable transparent clothes in your own wardrobe?

Transparent clothing: the trend in 2012 when

transparent clothes first appeared on the catwalk about five years ago, it was considered too frivolous.The woman looked at her with curiosity who, and who is condemned, and continued to be more or less conservative clothing.Not even all the fashion editors noticed in transparent fabrics popular trend in the future.However, in 2012 the transparent clothes still moved from the catwalks to the streets, and b

ecame not only the summer, but almost all season attribute.Now it is interpreted in different ways: as a sensual, feminine and romantic, but - not vulgar.

However, as a man or interpreted it, transparent clothes, of course, is sexy and in any case - not modest.To wear it, we need a significant confidence How to gain confidence in themselves? How to gain confidence in themselves? (and, of course, the body is in good shape).This is the second reason, many people not only refuse transparent clothes, but also call it indecent, immoral, vulgar.But as soon as someone starts too active call something indecent, this something a queue of young (primarily - internally), seeking to get to know the subject of condemnation.And try it for yourself.

Transparent clothing

So, one of the most popular trends in 2012 are transparent skirts and transparent tops (also blouses and shirts).When deciding which of them to choose (and to wear it both at once is not recommended, especially if you have not worn transparent clothes), specify which part of the body you want and are ready to show.

If you are interested in a transparent top, you can turn to for inspiration in Haider Ackermann - its minimalist dress with a transparent top and tight skirt may be what is needed.Alexander Wang presented his collection in transparent tops in sports style.John Galliano and Ann Demelmeyster presented transparent tops of black and white that looks almost traditional - except for the fact that they are transparent.

Transparent skirts and, more rarely, transparent pants, represented in all segments of the fashion spectrum, from grunge to glamor glamor - the charm of bad taste Glamour - the charm of bad taste .If last year under the transparent skirt skirts were usually made of thick fabric, it is now possible to see the clothes, sewn from chiffon only.Many designers have also created chiffon short and medium-length dresses - both sleeveless or long-sleeved.But then on the catwalks and boutiques really abundant, so it is long transparent dresses.Because lung tissue of varying degrees of transparency, especially often - black, designers create seductive evening dresses, although the day when these clothes will be able to walk to a restaurant or theater, probably will not come soon.

Transparent clothing

One common interpretation of the trend - transparent clothes on the verge of opacity.For example, if you feel uncomfortable when your body from the eyes of people around separates only one layer of chiffon, pay attention to the clothes of the multi-layered transparent fabrics.Long skirts laminated chiffon look feminine and romantic, and do not show almost anything extra.

clothes with transparent inserts - one more direction in the general trend transparent clothes.A simple dress from Cacharel chiffon inset side makes both relevant and not too revealing.It is an original interpretation of the trend suggested by Roberto Cavalli, "hiding" the insertion into the folds of chiffon pleated skirt.

Most often, however, the designers make transparent insert on the sleeves and shoulders to wear the psychological causes minimal discomfort and potential buyers, however, he remained in the trend.

Transparent clothing

How to wear transparent clothing

Despite the urgency transparent clothes, try to go in chiffon dress, under which there is nothing but underwear, in any public place, and you will seethat not all people approve of what is encouraged in the field of high fashion.This outfit can cause violent indignation, laughing, and somewhere you can even hold up for public order offenses.

If you wear a transparent blouse, it is advisable to wear a T-shirt under it, and on top - the blazer.This will reduce the degree of openness to a decent outfit.

If you decide to wear transparent skirt or trousers, tie a scarf belt Fashion Scarf - stylish accessory Fashion Scarf - stylish accessory .Instead, you can wear a scarf with transparent lace short dress pants knit.Even in this case, it is desirable that the degree of transparency of your clothing are minimized.

When possible, give preference to dress with transparent inserts and not fully transparent dresses.Finally, carefully choose the place in which you can walk in a transparent dress - in spite of the liberality of the modern world, such outfits are not welcome everywhere even in democratic countries.