How do manicure: beauty and grooming to the fingertips

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15 March 2016

  • How do manicure: beauty and grooming to toe
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how to do a manicure Every woman should know how to do manicures.Going to the salon Beauty from hairstyles to krioliftinga Beauty, from hairstyles to krioliftinga sometimes impossible due to lack of time, and if you tidy up your hands need a couple of hours to an important event, it will have to do yourself.Nothing complicated in the home manicure is not enough to pass all the preparatory steps that will give well-groomed hands, and get hand in performing a particular type of manicure in using decorative finish.


How to do a manicure at home

home manicure in essence little different from the salon.The main differences concern unless the master of professional skill, which you need to grow, but with regular and attentive care and constant practice, you will learn how to make beautiful and stylish manicure, and it may be completely give up going to the salon.

how to do a manicure at home how to make yourself a manicure

No matter what kind of decorative manicure you want to do an elegant jacket, original 3D-nail art Nail art: the art of painting nails Nail art: the art of painting nails , classic orfashioned nail design Nail design: the most unusual ideas Nail design: the most unusual ideas , before applying the lacquer, you will need to pass a preparatory procedure.It includes the cleaning and softening of the nails and skin of hands, tidying up the cuticle, the alignment of the nail plate, giving it the desired shape.If you skip these steps, even the most expensive nail polish with a luxurious pattern will not look advantageous because grooming - is the basis of beauty and style.


Stages home manicure

  • Remove old nail, if any, nail polish remover without acetone content, and then wash your hands well with mild soap and wipe dry.
  • now need to shape your nails.To do this, take a nail file diamond-coated, which gently removes the horny layer of the nail, not leading to their delamination.To try to give a neat manicure nails natural oval shape, the tips should protrude slightly from the fingertips, but do not be aggressive stilettos.Whisk to dust from nail filing and start to work with the cuticle.
Home Manicure manicure at home yourself
  • Ideally, you need not cut cuticles and remove dissolving or softening compositions, and gently push.Apply the product to soften cuticles, rub in circular motions, wait a moment and remove the pusher or pushed against the base of the nail orange stick.Very gentle movements carefully walk on the base of the wand, releasing the nail plate from the cuticle and skin looming.Then again, lower your arms in a soap solution can also walk on the treated area brush, cleaning them.
  • Put your hands on a light moisturizer or lotion and massage them with circular movements, focusing on dry areas.Surplus cream must be removed with a napkin and carefully wipe nails with a cotton pad with a degreaser or nail polish remover.
  • Once degreased nails, start applying the varnish.First apply a base layer of transparent varnish, which will provide the color, flat surface and better adhesion to the nail plate.Wait until completely dry.
home manicure steps
  • After drying, apply the first layer of colored lacquer on the nails.Luck must be fresh, not to blister, after pulling out of the bottle on the brush should be no surplus - lacquer should not be free to dribble.Apply nail polish smooth strokes from the base to the tip.
  • If you get paint on the skin around the nail, remove swabs cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, or if you need more fine work, toothpick wrapped with a thin layer of cotton wool.You can also use professional proofreaders in the form of pencils.
  • To consolidate and strengthen the gloss can be applied to the top layer of varnish - also transparent.It will give your nails shine and strength and prolong the life of the color coating.
yourself a manicure Rules home manicure

Besides the classical method of applying varnish, there are modern techniques of decorative manicure that many girls would like to try at home.Among them are coated with shellac, manicure moon and water.