Medical cosmetics LIERAC - active molecules for the activity of the skin

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02 April 2016

lierac Cosmetics Among recognized for its efficiency and the highest quality cosmetic brands Cosmetics Medical cosmetics - to solve skin problems Medical cosmetics - to solve skin problems LIERAC deservedly occupies one of the first places.The company was founded more than thirty-five years ago in France, the company's founder was a doctor, the doctor Kariel (the company's name is an anagram of the names of the founder).He also founded the Association of cosmetologists, which later acquired great influence, from the ranks of the Association published a large number of excellent specialists, to create skin care products over the years.This therapeutic focus cosmetics LIERAC earned her popularity.

Constant research in the field of aesthetic medicine led to a number of discoveries, the results of which are now used in many medical cosmetics brands.

active molecules for health and beauty

In particular, the basis of all cosmetic products manufactured by the principle of inclusion LIERAC active molecules derived from a variety of plant materials i

n all products laboratory.Thus, cosmetics phytocosmetics LIERAC is active.An important role in the composition of cosmetic products also play medications, allowing directly to solve certain problems of skin, hair and figure.

Depending on the form of the cosmetic product, the concentration of active substance in these different - from a minimum percentage to a maximum preventive gel content in ampoules intended for intensive treatment.

high achievements of the company brought it results not only in the form of international fame and a lot of demand for drugs, but also in the form of a series of prestigious awards "For achievements in the beauty", "Grand Prix", "SpecialCosmetic Oscar "and others.Award recognizes as separate products of different series, and the activities of the company as a whole.

main series of products

Cosmetics manufacturing laboratories LIERAC are divided into Series according to the type of exposure and the application area:

  • funds for basic facials - scrubs (exfoliants), masks, general cleaning agents,including makeup remover;
  • tools for enhanced facial care - anti-aging (including deep lifting), protivopigmentnye, moisturizers (for sensitive and dehydrated skin) normalizing (for oily and combination skin), deep cleaning (peeling);
  • care Eye Contour;
  • means for body care - general care, deep hydration, drainage, prevention and elimination of stretch, lift, taking care of hands and feet;
  • care Hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development - prevention and treatment of seborrhea, hair loss.

In addition, cosmetic palette LIERAC includes means to care for skin prone to irritation and local redness, premature aging Internal and external aging: it is necessary to think in advance Internal and external aging: it is necessary to think in advance due to excess ultraviolet radiation, sunglasses and correctivepreparations, lip care products, shaving and after shaving (men).

Even masking agents cosmetic series LIERAC contribute not only and not so much hidden problems of the skin, but to eliminate them.This is medical cosmetics, which allows you to maintain health, improve the look and mood.