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03 April 2016

bioderma Cosmetics In the wake of the growing number of skin problems in the seventies and eighties (in particular from the use of large amounts of cosmetics, in the fashion) in Europe, a number of firms to create their products at the interface of medicine andcosmetology.Then the name "kosmotsevtika" did not exist, it appeared later, however, the term describes well the means of so-called "therapeutic" cosmetics Bioderma.

particularly active such industry developed in France, and was in two main areas - the maximum use of natural components (in particular thermal waters) and completely chemical, synthetic compound.The first direction includes such popular brands are now "drugstore" cosmetics as Vichy, Avene, Uriage and others, to the second well can be attributed to a French laboratory Bioderma.

It was founded in 1979 and originally marketed as a pharmaceutical company.The main activity of the company has been manufacturing bases for medical products made locally by prescription.Later, however, the company's act

ivities is slightly changed direction.

dermatological cosmetics

Now Bioderma releases of dermatological cosmetics, that is a "make-up", which is used in the complex therapy in the prevention and treatment of various kinds of skin diseases.Composition therapeutic cosmetic Bioderma mainly synthetic, and are used, both inorganic and organic chemical compounds, including various plant extracts.However, the use of the latter is limited.

Medical cosmetics Bioderma focused not only and not so much on the average consumer as to dermatologists.Although, of course, use cosmetics Bioderma possible without a doctor's prescription.The popularity of the company's products Bioderma in dermatology is so great that in France it is considered second in importance and effectiveness of curative cosmetics brand, and prescribing the production of this company are made by doctors in more than sixty countries around the world.

whole range of cosmetics manufactured by a company with, is divided into eight lines, each of which focuses on a particular type of solution to skin problems:

  • Atoderm - dry and atopic skin;
  • gidrabio - skin hypersensitivity, dehydrated;
  • sensitized - dermatitis, rosacea, dry and sensitive skin;
  • tsikabio - damaged skin in need of early wound healing;
  • sebium - acne, skin is oily or mixed type;
  • fotoderm - protection against UV radiation;
  • WO - treatment of hyperpigmentation of the skin treatment of various manifestations of skin hyperpigmentation Treatment of the various manifestations of skin hyperpigmentation ;
  • Naudet - skin care and hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development , treatment and recovery.

Cosmetics Bioderma can be used, as is clear from the above list, with any type of skin, it is important to determine the type and choose the appropriate series of his care.The composition of each series includes all the tools necessary for skin care Care as a habit Skin Care as a habit of this type.In the case of lots fotoderm, tsikabio, WO each of them is a complement to the usual means of skin care.