Medical masks: help fight acne

By Admin | Beauty / Makeup
17 April 2016

medical masks Medical masks will help you monitor the status of problem skin, and even handle some skin diseases.Several beauty recipes will not take much time, but will benefit the skin.

mask with baking soda

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a little water - in the same proportion that you turned pasty mixture.Apply the mask on clean face and leave for 15 minutes.Then rinse with cool water.With regular use (two to three times a week), this mask will make your skin softer and cleaner.It is an effective remedy for acne and rosacea.

mask of egg yolks

Whisk until smooth state one or two egg whites, and apply them to the skin.Egg whites are rich in vitamin Vitamins for everyone Vitamins for everyone A;they not only nourish and cleanse the skin, but also pores, and prevents scarring posleugrevyh.When the mask dries, rinse it with warm water.Be careful not to hit a raw egg into your mouth - it can be potentially harmful bacteria, such as salmonella.

Mask of oatmeal

Pour hot water two tablespoons of grou

nd oatmeal.If desired, the mask can add a teaspoon of honey The benefits of honey: tasty rehabilitation The benefits of honey: tasty recovery and / or a little lemon or cranberry juice.Apply the mask on clean face and leave for 15-20 minutes.Then rinse and wipe the face soaked in water with a cotton pad.

Mask of aspirin

To prepare this mask you need a stack for vodka - the smallest, which will find, and aspirin.Pour in a pile of aspirin - almost to the brim, and fill it with water.The mask can be prepared in any other dish, but then you have to measure the amount of aspirin "by eye".The stack is placed as tablets, as you need to prepare the mask.

Wait aspirin dissolve.From time to time it can stir something that you do not use for food.(Of course, you can simply crush an aspirin, but then you have aspirin or inhale dust or respirator).

When aspirin is completely dissolved, add to it a little jojoba oil.You can also use non-refined olive oil Olive oil: useful properties Olive oil: useful properties , glycerin, or liquid vitamin E. Mix all thoroughly and apply on face.After ten minutes, rinse with water at room temperature;keep your eyes and mouth tightly closed, so that they did not get an aspirin.

If you do this mask two or three times a week, it will help even with moderate to severe forms of acne.