Interview with Marcelo Anthony

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19 May 2016

It was almost by accident on television and in a very short time became one of the most popular and sought-after actors in the country.
Full name: Marcello Couto de Farias
Date of birth: 28 January 1965;
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro;
Favourite drink: mineral water;
Favorite music: everything depends on the state of the soul.This can be jazz or rock ...
Favorite clothes: also depends on my mood.Sometimes - it's classic suits, sometimes - torn pants and Hawaiian sandals.
favorite perfume: anyone no special preferences.
Favorite TV Shows: news channel GNT.
transmissions that do not like: all prgorammy Leão Livre and Ratinho.
favorite place on the Internet: Babado, Submarino, and Amazon.I do a lot of shopping online.
least favorite place on the Internet: Difficult to answer.
Disadvantages: Very professional.I can not boil the pot, all doing very high quality because of what sometimes suffer.
Who would want to be on a desert island: with my friends.
Whoever left there: Brazilian politicians.
Without what can not live: without water, fruit and a refrigerator.
If not an actor, by whom: the athlete.I could be a footballer, swimmer, runner ...
Favorite book: I Ching
Favorite movie: "Betty Blue", and French films.
handsome man: James Dean.
beautiful woman: Catherine Deneuve.
Where would like to live in Recife.

Beauty Marcelo Anthony won more than one girl's heart, and now when he shaved off his mustache (after filming "Love the Earth") and hair cut short the number of fans will undoubtedly increase.He was born on January 28, 1965 in Rio de Janeiro and before becoming an actor changed a lot of different professions - from a waiter in a coffee shop, to the guide.

your previous work experience help you now?

It even helps, because I learned how to communicate with people, that in the present my work is very important.

Marcelo, you always know exactly what will be an actor?

It happened purely by chance.I had to leave school (he studied at the journalist) due to lack of funds.Then I began to study English and Spanish, and tourism.
One day I would like to enroll astrology, but it was quite expensive, but there were a number of theater courses.Surprisingly the price was just there for me, I began to study and since then has not stopped

If you had not become an actor, then who?

I could be an athlete - a runner or swimmer.I love sports since high school and still sometimes I play football with my friends.And in general, I know how much ...

Your character Marco Antonio was very much in love with Zhulianu (Ana Paula Aros).And you yourself have experienced something similar?

Yes, when I first fell in love with 19 years.I have not had time to study, I forgot all my friends and parents.For me there was only it is - are my sunshine, my sky.Now I perceive differently, and then eclipsed passion for me.I must say, after that I somewhat changed his view on many things.

you fancy a walk Marco Antonio?

No, I prefer to spend the evening at home.If you only go to a movie or to your friends' birthdays.As a young man I did not have money for all sorts of entertainment, so I used to sit at home and read.Besides, I do not drink.

like to work with Raul Cortez?

Very nice, because it - an exceptional actor.During filming, he treated me like a real father and felt his son.I learned a lot from Raul.We filmed 30 scenes every day and did not feel tired.He raised us up.

You have a lot of fans.As you popular?

Now I am calm to his fame.And at first it closes minds.

When you come to the success?

After showing the novel "Fatal inheritance."It was my first show and I was only in its first part.Nevertheless, it is "a fatal inherited" made me popular.

you in love?

Yes.Her name is Monica Torres, she was also an actress.In fact, she is my wife, because we live together for a long time, but not painted.We have no children, but I really want to have them.

What should be the woman to conquer you?

femininity and intellectual.

Do you have a dream?

Be happy!And to act in two films a year, but this is not possible, unfortunately.

you prefer the rapid development of relations?

Before - yes.I was impulsive and explosive.Who I prefer a more relaxed attitude.While this does not mean that everything should be quiet, peaceful, splash of emotions should be mandatory, otherwise boring.

said you refused to appear in advertisements of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

Yes, but I do not condemn those who do it.I just think it is unacceptable for themselves.

What are you doing right now?

I'm doing in the next telenovela, but want to stay in the movies.For example, in some Spanish film, asI know well your language (the interview given to the Spanish magazine - pp).Also, I'm looking for a good play for the theater.

it difficult for you to be always in good shape?

Very.Most recently, I had a very severe depression Depression Interview with Marcelo Anthony .I just sat at home and could not do anything.When my mother saw me in that state, I told her that this is a new technique of meditation Meditation and health of the woman Meditation and women , so as not to disappoint.But now all is well.