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20 April 2016

Also Warlock say in Russia, "Singer Sorcerer" will hear in response: "... Dmitry cutie."You say the same in Belarus, and the fans at the same moment shout: "... George!" But we are not talking about the rivalry of performers and of an impressive young man - emotional, with a terrific sense of humor, with a great voice and a far-reaching plans.We know so little about it, and this is the big brother of the winner of "American Idol 6" - Dmitry Koldun, jewels which no less than his stellar brother, who finally settled in Moscow and reaping the benefits of a large army of fans love.

Although we can say openly that George homeland shines much more effective Dima.Aspiring actor, the winner of the contest "Supermodel of Belarus' leading entertainment program on television," one against all ", the winner of the contest" Slavic Bazaar "in Vitebsk, Belarus finalist of the project" Two stars ", a member of the Russian project Yana Rudkovsky" STS lights superstar. "You know, you can still many things to list, but ... Eac

h of the Warlocks awarded a niche and have your way, and that's who he is much lead.We asked George to answer the questions of the Women's Club.

If ...

If I lived in Moscow and Minsk is not, then ... probably would not have this life suits me.All too quickly, noisy and static.I am pleased that there is now and enjoy.

If instead Dima offered on "Star» ... refused to, because I like the projects are not interesting.I'm certainly happy to win his brother, but he and I are totally different, I am more strict, it is frivolous, views on music and musical projects we differ radically.And the difference in the eight and a half years, also says a lot ...

If I criticize ... it is desirable that it was a constructive and non-aggressive.We all know how to speak, but to justify their arguments may be one.

If life gave the opportunity to have a magic wand ... I would put forth that everyone could get on "American Idol."Ironically, of course, but many novice artists living a dream to get into the star house and become the ruler of the screen.

If you do something ... make sure you do it well or do not do at all!It can be said, one of my mottos life.

If a secret admirer, proposed marriage and flirt a million dollars ... I would have laughed.I think all men have long been taught that love, but still possessed something incredible flirt - an accident in the workplace.

If heart could not love ... definitely live it would be extremely boring.For me, this is the only feeling that recognizes neither past nor future.There is only a moment, and it's great to be ... Then another, and another ... and each time it will be a new and very nice and passionately!But the real love happens only once!

If the enemy does not surrender, it must be ... left alone to do their work.Have you not been taught in a school or institution the words of knowledge?An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world will go blind.

If there are problems in the way, I first of all ... trying to analyze the situation from a third party and make appropriate decisions.It is sometimes useful to look at ourselves and recognize our own mistakes.Problems, too, do not run out of the pot, we ourselves create them, and then Noah.

If offered to sing a duet with a foreign singer, it certainly would have been ... Tina Turner and Anastacia.These are two great performer with bright appearance, unbelievable strength voices and charisma.Such singer never forgotten, especially if they are a creative way so blistatelen and has no unnecessary gaps.

If money does not solve everything, then ... they would decide for me in the school system of linear equations by Gauss.

If not music ... it would make its choice in favor of teaching in school.I am a teacher by profession and never hide.I love children, have their own specific methods of influence on them and their approach.

If I were less compared with Dima ... it certainly would be more compared with Vasya and Coley.

If fate has given the chance to become a real witch, I would ... invented a cure for a number of incurable diseases.Pity the people who still live and live to, but fate has prepared such a terrible fate when an incurable disease, and breaks like a hurricane in a few months, and sometimes weeks, the person dies.

If there is even one chance in a hundred, I think ... whether it makes sense to spend time on it, maybe I'll manage.

If there was a soccer player, happy to be playing for the club ... I probably would love to play for money.Joke!Football is not really mine, and therefore will not be a definite answer.Well, that did not work out of me Ronaldinho or David Beckham.

If the stars of show business fire burned with fire ... are usually left out of the ashes.

If I had scored all their blunders ... it would make another stupidity.Of these, it is necessary to learn and move on.Life can not be without flaws, in fact do not taste the bitterness of misery, do not appreciate the sweetness of life.As M. Zhvanetsky said: "Let it be everything, but let something is missing!".

If it has a chance to become president ... has a chance at all.I am currently not competent to take decisions of national importance.Better to let every one his due.

If he invented the secret of success, it would be a recipe so ... doing things you love 100% and learn it to earn a living.And remained adequate person.By the way, I invented this recipe and understand its meaning long ago.

If I had to clone myself ... afraid confused when people who compare with Dima.

If the truth is somewhere near ... I'm certainly not going to find out where she is.It is foolish, and I do not Mulder from "The X-Files."I Georgy Koldun.

Alice Bestuzhev