Pierre Garou: "I can not understand what in me was a woman"

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19 May 2016

  • Pierre Garou: "I can not understand what in me was a woman"
  • Why Garou?

Pierre Garou His real name is Pierre Garan, but the thirty-year Canadian known throughout the world under the pseudonym of Garou.The standard story of the guy from the province, who played in a small group and noticed by the creator of the famous musical "Notre Dame de Paris" Luc Plamondon, perhaps, would not be so important for the development of French music, if not the unique data from our hero.

two-meter handsome man, as it turned out, the owner was quite rare voice, and, moreover, great acting ability, what happens to the singers are not as often as I would like to admirers of their talent.The role of Quasimodo has become a real classic of the genre, and the Garou has acquired a large army of fans and especially the fans.Released in 2001, the album "Alone" has sold three million copies, husky voice sounded French star not only in Paris but also in Warsaw, Moscow, Tel Aviv ...

In his personal life, in spite of the fame avid

smoothiesinger was not in a hurry to give away your heart right and left.In 2000, he met former model Ulrika, and soon came to light a charming little girl Emily.However, despite the birth of his daughter, Garou did not want to tie the knot Hymen.Moreover, a recent Canadian press there were reports that his family life went wrong, and Pierre chose to part with his beloved.

Obviously, the reason for parting Parting : punctuation rules Parting: punctuation rules became too busy schedule star.We know that Garou manager for many years is a magnificent Celine Dion's husband, Rene Anzhelil who seeks for his protege truly fantastic contracts.Tours in France, Canada, USA, Poland, work on a new album offers from leading directors (journalists with surprising unanimity called Garou new Gerard Depardieu) - alas, in the privacy of the former humble Canadian boy from Sherbrooke did not leave any timenor the energy.What is he really this blue-eyed handsome man with a charming voice of the hunchback of Notre Dame?

What do you feel on stage as there is your song?

It depends on the character, which is like a part of me.In every song I play a small role.There are emotions that I had never experienced before.Every time, every night when I sing the same song, it appears something new.

What part of yourself you are applying when execute "Belle"?

What a question!Probably, I appeal to my memory a bit nostalgic.This song has become my talisman.

When you play Quasimodo, not whether you find it difficult to play the role of the ugly hunchback, rejected by a woman with such a magnificent external data?

Thanks for the compliment Compliments Compliments .But the handsome, I never considered myself.Although the show business is really very important physical data.If you want to achieve something, you just have to be nice.Playing Quasimodo, I got an incredible chance to go beyond the accepted norms.

When you play this character, you really feel a hunchback?

I fully included in the image.In the final cry for real.And I'm always surprised.I kind of went in himself, in his pain, and when over Quasimodo began to scoff, it's just me unsettled.

But in order to play a pain, you have to experience it first ...

in my life, too many cases.But on stage it happened, rather, on an unconscious level.I do not even know where my feelings were taken.Sometimes it was hard to fight them.Quasimodo always had the same feeling, but Garou changed ...

What songs especially dear to you?

When I sang, "God, how the world is unjust" (aria Quasimodo), I recalled my past, my own amorous failure, people dear to me, which I had lost.And the song "Ask the Sun" (album "Lonely"), I always dedicate one and the same person.

Now your heart too broken?

I remember this man with pain, it is no longer with us.And every time I part with anyone, I too am taking heart pain and crying ...

Because you hurt?

Yes, it hurts.In relationships there is no time.Even if they are over, I continue to love a person, which parted.Maybe I just imagine the ideal relationship, and when it ends with a break, there is only sorrow.

Are your songs reflect your inner self?

The longer I stand in front of people, the more it seems to me that they feel the same as I do.Begin to understand for someone to create these songs.Everyone reacts differently.As for me, I tend to find myself, maybe get rid of his shyness, to share their feelings with others.

not you afraid to have such power?Because you can keep the tension of fifteen thousand people at a time.

I do not like it when they find it is power.Of course, when the actor is constantly called a superstar, he begins to think about the "power" over men.It seems that all you like, what you - the center of the world.But as for me, I find that I only think about when I'm on stage.Spectators come to see me.Maybe they will like my performance, and even very much, but that all ends.

your memories of childhood and adolescence?

first guitar.I gave it to me when I was three years old.My first note on the tube.My friends.I was always surrounded by friends, although preferred and prefer solitude.I felt alone in any company ...

Your debut album is called "Lonely" ("Seul").It was an attempt to distance himself from Garou, which we saw in the "Notre Dame"?

No, I would consider this title as a new step.Working on the role of Quasimodo, I tried to convey solitude loneliness - this is not new, or why am I still alone? Loneliness - this is not new, or why am I still alone? your character, so he has so many solos.That loneliness Quasimodo gave me the strength to stand in front of an audience of thousands.

Seven of the fourteen songs on the album were written by Luc Plamondon, the creator of the "Notre Dame"

Yes, Luke became my spiritual father.When I opened it, I was singing in a small group in one of the bars.Well, the hair at the time I was, disheveled hair.Yes, and I kept no better way to do all sorts of stupidity.And he saw in me Quasimodo, unfortunate lonely quiet man.Thanks to him, I discovered a very different personality.It turned out Quasimodo always lived in me.

few years ago you admitted that they chose their profession, not because they wanted to be a star.It is still the case?

Now I like living in a fairy tale, and not for anything in the world do not want to lose that feeling.But I have not forgotten their former dreams, has not forgotten why I wanted to become a singer.In my hometown (eerie backwoods, by the way), I grew up to the sound of my father's guitar.He played old rock 'n' Roll music and smiling people around.In 19 years, when I was suddenly on the scene in a provincial bar and saw people smiling at me - I knew that this place belongs to me by right.

And many girls' hearts you broke his charming voice?

I became a singer, not in order to win the hearts.When, after the concert, the girl lying in wait at the exit, begin to shout that I am the most beautiful person in the world, I realize that their words must "divide by ten."Frankly, I'm a long time a very shy girl, I had huge complexes about their appearance.Although I was terribly attracted to women, I can not understand what they are in me.