Fashion eye makeup trends 2013: tips and tricks

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20 April 2016

  • fashion trends eye makeup 2013: tips and tricks
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eye makeup fashion trends 2013 eyes, at least - the most expressive part of the face, and as a maximum - the mirror of the soul, demandmuch attention.And in order to attract as much attention to this, you need to know how to emphasize their beauty and characteristics.We discuss sequentially all the steps needed to create a beautiful and stylish eye makeup.

  • first thing need to start - well-groomed and clean the skin around the eyes.
  • next step - optional - for ever applied base under shadows.
  • But without concealer can not do, it will hide the dark circles under the eyes.
  • Liner.For smoky eyes it must shade brush.
  • Shadows.Mix and blend different colors for a perfect rainbow effect.
  • highlighter - does look brighter.
  • Tongs for eyelashes - tighten up the lashes, to "open" look.

Many makeup trends are due to the appearance of celebrities.They are always visible and always look great.What will be fashionable in 2013?

eye makeup fashion trends 2013 eye makeup fashion trends 2013
  • Eyebrows - an important
    element of eye makeup.Keep them in a neat condition and give them a form suitable facial features.
  • «Spider legs."False eyelashes make the eyes very expressive.One of the trendiest options false eyelashes False eyelashes - when they can be used? - «spider legs."
  • Clean lines in eye makeup eye makeup : rules and shades are always in fashion.Stylish and sophisticated, they give your look a charm.
eye makeup fashion trends 2013 eye makeup fashion trends 2013
  • Smokey Eyes.This beautiful style eye makeup can not be overemphasized.You will need a concealer, mascara or false eyelashes and eyeliner Eyeliner: piercing gaze Eyeliner: piercing gaze .Very stylish looks smoky make-up in violet tones.

Selection of fashion trends is quite diverse, so that each woman can choose what she likes and fit.