Eye Makeup Secrets: Tips professionals

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21 April 2016

Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Kate Moss Unfortunately, not many of us can boast of a diploma of professional make-up artist, but this does not mean that the secrets of makeup Makeup Secrets - professionals advise Makeup Secrets - professionals advise hidden from mere mortals behind seven seals.Businesses willing to share their secrets, so having mastered the basic techniques of proper eye makeup, every woman under the force will create a unique and inimitable way.

almond-shaped eyes, like Kate Moss

The main thing to focus on the shape of the eyes, choose light, dark or medium tone shadow suitable shade for each other.Most apply a lighter shade to the inner corner of the eye, in the middle of the middle tone, rolling pin into a zone of the century, and the darkest on the edge of the eyelid, which is the outer corner of the eye.If you want to emphasize the shape and feel that without you can not do eyeliner, apply a line of gel liner from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, but not until the end, but only by three-quarters.Darker shades Draw a thin line un

der the lashes of the lower eyelid, moving from the center to the outer corner of the eye.To complete the image, apply a layer is not too thick mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Bright allocated to the face eyes like Mila Kunis

If you have a bright, but you think too expressive eyes, do not choose a shade of bright shimmering tones.The bright and shimmering, reflective tones make the eyes more visible.To slightly "toned" choose their velvety shade of deep saturated colors such as plum or shade of coal, in principle, the choice of colors depends on your "color" type and personal preference.Apply highlighter under the brow highlighter : magic transformation of the person Highlighter: the magic transformation of persons , so this area will become more prominent, and it would be better to hold the light.Perfectly complement the image of the liquid Shimmer (shine).

Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Mila Kunis Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Cameron Diaz

deep-set eyes, like Cameron Diaz

Make deep-set eyes more expressive help light shades of shadows and skilful application of tone on the crease.First, apply a light shade of shimmering on the surface of the entire century in the zone crease apply a deeper tone, lightly feathered it up.The main thing in this type of eye make-up - creating depth using shadows, allowing visually "push" eyelid.If you fail the pencil upper eyelid, try to do it as close to the lash line, cotton swab or applicator gently blend the line so that it has turned soft and smooth.

wide-set eyes, like Amanda Seyfried

This type of eye professionals recommend cast shadows in a combination of three colors, dark, medium and light.Color Eye Shadow - your personal choice.On the whole surface of the century, apply a darker tone, medium tone put on the crease, from the outer corner of the eye op and moving to the inside.Mix the two shades, gently brush to shade them.Going one tone to another will adjust the shape of the eye.All lines must be smooth and neat.In the end, apply the lightest shade of shadow under the brow, creating a light accent.

Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Amanda Seyfried Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Jennifer Goodwin

Eyes, located close to the bridge of his nose, like Jennifer Goodwin

If your eyes are too close to the bridge, you absolutely should avoid too darkshades of shadows and matting inner corner of the eye.To create the illusion of a larger distance from the eye to the nose, on the entire surface of the century up to apply podbrovnogo bone shadows with a slight sheen, starting with the outer end of the century, the upper lid cover two thirds darker shadows.Draw the shadows on the line over the crease, circle lashes and stop line down the center of the lower eyelid.This technique will help draw some eyes, however, to obtain such an effect, all the lines should be soft and well feathered.Add shine and will help to increase the space pencil or liquid pearl shine in the inner corner of the eye.

Eyes Asian type, like Lucy Liu

emphasize the eyes of this type, you can use a liquid eyeliner, applying a thin line on the lower eyelid along the lash line.Curl the lashes to her eyes seemed a little wider to the lashes seem longer, curling them from the point.As close to the lash backs.To make the almond shape, apply a few strokes of the lash line to the crease.

Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Lucy Liu Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Rose MakGouan Secrets eye makeup tips from professionals Blake Lively

pubescent corners of the eyes, like Rose MakGouan

In order to raise the lowered corner of the century, draw a line from the lineeyelashes, moving up to the outer corner of the eye.Blend up color from the outer corner, it will wash lift the eyelid and give form.You should also highlight the brow line, this technique visually lifts the eyelids.The end of the eyebrow should not descend too.At the outer corner of the eye lashes should apply mascara longer than for other areas.Hold the brush vertically, making a soft movement back - forward.Thickly painted lashes create an important focus, "plowing" eyes and adjust their shape.

eyes with a slightly overhanging century like Blake Lively

where makeup artists advise not too wise, and give preference to a simple dark tones, matte or iridescent structure.Apply a shadow on the entire eyelid, pull down to the color of the natural folds.On the upper lashes, apply a fairly thick layer of mascara, if you use a liner, apply it very close to the lash line.