Eye Makeup Secrets: How to emphasize glance

By Admin | Beauty / Makeup
21 April 2016

eye makeup secrets Many women find eye makeup is quite troublesome and difficult process, but master the technique of proper eye makeup is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.Useful tips to help you learn how to do make-up, which will emphasize the beauty of your eyes and give a view depth and mystery.


Apply a thin layer of the foundations for ever under the shadow base to help hide imperfections and prepare for the uniform application of the eyelid shadows.If you do not like the color or shade of the complex make-up, you can stop only on the basis of a shadow.

If you use a crumbly shadows, powder the eyelid loose powder if you prefer a creamy shadow or eyeliner, the eyelid is better not to powder.Eyeliner pencil or shadow creamy texture smoothly and evenly rests on the liquid foundation makeup.

Choose a color

eye makeup secrets Ideal shadow color you choose is recommended, guided not by the color of the eyes, as many think, and hair color.Blondes are perfect cream and gray-brown tones, the

color of mocha and dark chocolate shades are more than brunettes.Woman with brown hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development or redheads choose copper, peach or reddish-brown hues.Cool shades of pink or lavender are also brown-haired and red.Ladies with gray hair are ideal shade of gray, soft purple or blue.

application technique

eye makeup secrets monochromatic coating century for simple natural make enough to cover the surface of the century, the shadows of the same color.For this type of make-up perfect shade of creamy shades, from the lightest to the tone of medium intensity.Nakraste eyelashes mascara, can be supplemented with optional make-up brown eyeliner.

to make the depth of focus on the crease line.Coat the entire surface of the shadows lighter shade of the century, for this you need a brush for applying shadow of medium width.Application Technique is as follows: neat gentle movements, apply shadows, moving from the lash line to the crease of the century, this is the place where the eyelid meets podbrovnogo bone.Blend the shadows to the bone can cause shadows until the eyebrows, in general, where to stay, it depends on your taste.This simple method allows to achieve the effect of a small facelift.

Then apply a medium shade of color in the crease area (this gives some depth), to apply shadows, you can use a small brush or the average for the shadows.Blend the shadow slightly above crease, on the surface of the bone podbrovnogo.Just above the crease light smear the darker tones create a circuit that will be noticeable, even if your eyes are wide open.

in principle at this stage eye makeup eye makeup: the rules and nuances can be terminated.To create a more dramatic image on the upper lash line shade of medium or dark tones, better to do it with a brush with beveled angle bristle.It is not necessary to do this sharp lines, the color should be a good shade.Do you want to enhance the effect?Apply the same dark color on the lower eyelid at the lash line.Apply slight movements of the shadows, going down, it is not necessary to draw a horizontal solid line, it looks too rough and vulgar.

emphasis on the lash line to give the eye a certain form.To create a circuit, apply to all the surface of the shadow of century light or medium shade.According to the lash line, apply a shade darker tone, Draw a line, and then blend it.

Once you have completed the eye makeup, broad brush to apply shadow on top of a thin layer of loose powder.In the century all shades of shadow must be carefully shaded, you or others should not be noticeable, which ends with a shade of shadow and the other begins.Draw eyebrow pencil, apply mascara.

Tricks of makeup depending on the shape of the eye

eye makeup secrets These basic skills can and should be expanded, will talk about makeup for certain forms of the eye.The eyes may be of any shape and any size.Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.What eyes you have?

  • deep-set eyes

Apply on the entire eyelid pale light tone on the lash line can be applied to mid-tone color, but the crease area is better not to obscure.

  • narrowly set eyes

Focus on the outer corners of the eyes, slightly pulling it.

  • wide-set eyes

Begin to apply the shadows from the inner corners of the eyes.Try not to apply the shadow abroad outer corners.

  • eyed

Choose a warm and deep tone to make this less noticeable drawback.Apply a medium shade of all eyelid shade.At the crease of the eyelids and the lash line, you can add a darker tone.

  • Small eyes

Choose iridescent colors.When the eyes of the little black What colors combined with black: less darkness and pathos What colors combined with black: less darkness and pathos - a taboo, this color looks too rough and make the eyes less.

  • Big eyes

Owners of large eyes were more fortunate of all.The main thing - do not apply too thick a layer of mascara.Experiment with deep warm colors.