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09 April 2016

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fonoforez cosmetology development in recent years is verified on the way in which the combined effects of different ways of belonging to different industries.This allows you to influence the area in need of treatment, from several sides, ensuring the effectiveness of treatment and the achievement of positive results in the shortest possible time.Such procedures include, among other phonophoresis, which are increasingly resorting to cosmetic and physiotherapy room.

Before you sign up for phonophoresis, you need to clearly grasp the essence of this method and do not forget that he has some differences from many other, similar in range of assignments.Phonophoresis - a physiotherapy treatment, it can not and should not be carried out in beauty salons Beauty from hairstyles to krioliftinga Beauty, from hairstyles to krioliftinga or in "guest session" a master who has all the necessary tools and medications.Ideally fonoforeza rate prescribed by the doctor, physical therapist, and pass it

possible, for example, in the spa treatment in dispensaries and other institutions that are focused on the recovery of the body physiotherapy techniques.


What fonoforez

Phonophoresis - a procedure of surface effects on the tissue with ultrasonic waves, but the traditional ultrasound therapy fonoforez characterized by the presence of various drugs for medical and cosmetic purposes.They are applied to the skin in the affected area, and it is then subject to ultrasonic wave supplied from the apparatus.Phonophoresis - neizvazivnaya procedure, but contact, this means that well-tolerated in the absence of contraindications due to non-traumatic - the skin during fonoforeza not damaged.The drug that is applied to the skin, due to the effect of different frequencies of ultrasound penetrates tissue much more deeply than in the conventional application.This allows nutrients to move faster and more efficiently, because ultrasound provides excellent stimulation of metabolic processes.

essence fonoforeza usual to complex effects, which distinguishes it from many other techniques.He has a slight thermal, physical and chemical effects on the treated area, it allows you to deal with problems of a different type and origin, as the surface skin, and more serious somatic disorders.

During fonoforeza tissue receive an effective micro-massage in the epidermis increases blood circulation, increases the permeability of cell membranes, accelerates the activity of metabolic processes, started the process of tissue regeneration, from the intercellular space displays excess fluid, there is a noticeable lymphatic drainage Lymph: for the good and beauty Lymphatic drainage: for the good and beauty, eliminates swelling.All this allows the use of phonophoresis as the main or additional procedure to treat a range of ailments.


Indications Phonophoresis

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatic pain);
  • disorders of blood circulation and lymph circulation;
  • swelling and cellulite Cellulite Cellulite ;
  • skin aging;
  • stretch marks, scars, scars;
  • metabolic disorders (not all, in a number of cases, ultrasound is contraindicated);
  • number of gynecological, urological and gastrointestinal disease.

fonoforeza session lasts no more than thirty minutes.Exposure to drugs that are used in the procedure is not limited to the skin treatment area.Medicines through ultrasound rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and spread to organs and systems, which allows Phonophoresis takes pride of place in the list of effective physical therapy techniques for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.But there are contraindications to it as the flip side of its effectiveness.


Contra Phonophoresis

  • facial paralysis;
  • severe circulatory disorders;
  • serious abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, including hypertension;
  • any diseases in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy;
  • number of skin diseases;
  • severe endocrine disorders.

more particularly contraindications should consult with your doctor.