White spots on your face: fight for aesthetics

By Admin | Women Health / Cosmetology
09 April 2016

white spots on the face White spots on the face marked by many women who are familiar with them since adolescence.These points cause with serious concerns, because they do not look like pimples in acne.With their appearance starting to sound the alarm, and even worse - try to get rid of them yourself, squeezing and piercing.To do this in any case it is impossible, they should be treated.Eliminating white spots on the face - a complex problem that requires attention to the body, both inside and outside.


origin of white dots: a consequence of the usual factors

White points differ from the usual form of acne, so their appearance can not be alerted.Feature white dots - their location in the upper part of the face, around the eyes, forehead, temples, also raises suspicions about the origin of these tumors.In fact, do not worry because the appearance of white spots, although their ustraneniiyu need to pay a lot of effort.It's just kind of acne, take other forms, other than the well-known inflamed bumps with pus painfu

l clogged heads or black comedones Comedones Comedones .

White dots called wen or Corn Bunting From what occurs Pigeon grass - when treatment is necessary From what appears Corn Bunting - when treatment is necessary because of the similarity with small white grains.But this skin disease has no official medical name - whitehead.

appearance of these small pimples often go unnoticed because they are too small and painless.If whitehead are in the eyes, where the skin is the thinnest on the face, the presence of white tubercles considerably, and their appearance is a concern.

whitehead - is education, which are corked sebaceous glands, in which a traffic jam with a fat content that has no exit.Unlike acne vulgaris, which can be open when ripe, squeeze yourself whitehead or a needle can not pierce.You can carry infection and seriously injure the skin, because they tend to be numerous and appear again and again, if you do not organize the work of the body.White spots that can not be ignored and it is difficult to conceal cosmetics represent a scattering of small pimples, located under the skin that do not go on their own and need treatment.


reasons for the appearance of white spots on the face

As pustular acne, whitehead - is the result of the negative state of the body, plus the wrong skin care with comedogenic cosmetics.Many say that the white bumps on their face came after a visit to the solarium or sun exposure.This suggests that the UV - another risk factor contributing to the formation of white spots.

Appear whitehead may in adolescence, when hormonal changes the body goes, and the more adulthood, not associated with hormonal.Owners of oily and combination skin is always more prone to white dots.

bad body resistance, susceptibility to stress on the background of "favorable period" attack viral infections or active solar radiation, often reflected on the face of milia.Problem skin, heredity, summer or autumn and winter with its colds and metabolic disorders Metabolic Metabolic disease - that's the basic set of factors affecting the appearance of white spots on the face.

negatively affecting the skin from the outside, undermining her health, clogging pores, not allowing them to breathe, the use of inexpensive cosmetics and permanent lip service leads to the formation of milia unchanging.

prevent the appearance of white spots can be a complex process, adjusting immunity, avoiding direct sunlight and completely changing his view of skin care and color cosmetics.The simplest recommendations are to change the diet to a more healthy, with plenty of clean water, fresh fruits and vegetables and reduced fat, fried, spicy, salty food.Such food triggers increased activity of the sebaceous glands, enlargement of pores that get clogged and whitehead formation.


How to eliminate white points

fight with white dots is necessary with the assistance of professional help.If you have first whitehead, which will eventually increase in size, refer to the beautician, who will offer the most appropriate way to treat your skin.As with the removal of acne scars acne, subcutaneous shallow placer "Corn Bunting" removed mechanically in a sterile environment, methods of laser exposure, electrocoagulation.

These measures are aimed at opening pimples with extracting the contents to cleanse the skin.In the future, we must strengthen the immune system and enjoy high-quality cosmetics to prevent their re-education.