Perm eyelashes: create puppet look

By Admin | Women Health / Cosmetology
10 April 2016

perming eyelashes Perm eyelashes - a popular cosmetic procedure that uses more and more women.To some it may seem like an unnecessary luxury, a whim, without which you can do to give the effect of her other, more simple and safe techniques.But sometimes mechanical twisting using mascara or tweezers difficult or time-consuming, which in the morning make-up is not enough.Then comes to the rescue perm Perm hair - important proper care Perming hair - important proper care eyelashes, a procedure which is carried out quickly and for a long time happy with the result.


Do you need a perm eyelashes?

perming eyelashes chemical manipulations that take place in the vicinity of the eyes, require a piece of work, so it is important to mind and careful approach to the selection of the master.Once you have found a suitable room and a specialist, you can ask him about all the intricacies of procedure: what is its length and the duration of the effect as you can often curl lashes curl lashes Like: some simple ways and what to expect from curling.

Perm eyelashes is carried out using disposable cylinders for which the cilia are applied uniformly fixed, and the curl is fixed with a special compound.The entire procedure takes about forty minutes, and the effect lasts for up to two twisted-four months - it all depends on the nature of data and apply the composition.It is not recommended to repeat the eyelash curler immediately after they straighten after a single wave.They need time to recover a little, to grow and become stronger, otherwise eyelashes istonchatsya and begin to fall.

During waving cilia acts on not only the chemical composition, they are experiencing, and the mechanical load during the stay on the roller.If the master is not enough experience, he can stick them straight, then they will have to unstick and stick again.It is necessary to take into account before you go on a wave.Endure Do your lashes like the manipulation?


procedure waving

perming eyelashes If the answer is yes, you can safely go to the salon to perm.The procedure is divided into several stages.First - cleaning and degreasing.On a wave, of course, need to come without makeup, eyelashes wizard will process the cleaning composition to remove greasy film, which is present to them in a natural way.

is followed to determine the diameter of the roller.It depends on the customer and on the natural data.If lashes are short, they can not be curled using a large roller large diameter if they are long enough, then the choice is wider.To get a natural effect of the wide-open eyes, need large rollers if you want a more expressive tight curls, then use a small-diameter roller.

roller is attached to the upper eyelid, as close to the lash line, eyelashes then gently laid on him.Glued eyelashes must be very exactly once, to obtain a uniform curl, and did not have to unstick them and adjust.On the lashes glued very carefully applied chemistry, which remains to them from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the strength or weakness of the eyelashes and the intensity of the desired curl.His eyes are closed, the lower eyelids superimposed protectors.The composition of the eyelids is not washed off with water after the procedure, they are applied to the converter locking effect.He kept on cilia about ten minutes, after which you can shoot rolls and enjoy the beautiful curled eyelashes, which need only a little Tui to create expressive look without further manipulation by other tools.



resort to chemical perms are all women, except for those whose lashes greatly weakened and susceptible to loss.Then they need to be, first of all, to treat and strengthen.Also, do not resort to waving to those who have allergic reactions to makeup, eye disease, people who are contraindicated for such procedures.

Perm eyelashes particularly indicated for women who by nature have eyelashes, drooping, and not amenable to mechanical means of curling tongs or a brush of mascara.It may be resorted in the so-called "shaggy" eyelashes, where the hairs, even if they are long and thick, looking in different directions, creating an unsightly effect makeup.

order to ensure its quality perm lashes and reduce harm from the procedure, it is best to contact the interior, where it is possible to make biozavivka Biowave - how much it is safe for the hair? Biowave - how much it is safe for the hair? with gentle composition.