Gemokod - a miracle in the field of weight loss

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13 April 2016

  • Gemokod - a miracle in the field of weight loss
  • Food intolerance

gemokod today are becoming increasingly popular variety of programs to improve the overall health without any drugs and dietary supplements.One such program is gemokod.


What gemokod

Gemokod - a nutrition program that is tailored to the individual characteristics of a person.With the help of a special analysis revealed the products to which a person has a food intolerance, and exclusion of which from his diet will benefit health.Gemokod - a patented technique which is successfully used in his practice, many naturopaths.

Note that gemokod - this is not a treatment for food intolerances (strictly speaking it as allergies, can not be completely cured).However, with Gemokod many people suffering from a variety of food intolerance, it is possible to significantly improve your health.

Gemokod also not an alternative analysis on food allergies, which are used in traditional medicine.He can not notice the diagnosis and tr

eatment for patients suffering from a food allergy Food allergy: the main thing - inside Food allergies: the main thing - inside , especially when it can lead to anaphylactic shock - life-threatening condition.Remember, though gemokod and is an effective system for the recovery of the body, he still can not replace the resources that are used in traditional medicine.


safety and efficacy

Like most of the techniques used and recommended by specialists for the recovery, gemokod developed on the basis of scientific evidence, and before becoming widely available, this technique has passed a number of long-term studies.

The basis of this technique, in particular, are data from studies conducted in the past decade in Europe, Asia and North America.It was found that at least a third of the population suffers from certain types of food intolerance.Although in most cases it does not threaten any danger to health and, especially, for the life of the people, food intolerance can cause unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, chronic pain (including headaches), drowsiness and lethargy.To identify food intolerances without special analysis impossible.

known that cause reactions associated with food intolerance may be about 250 common foods and food additives.

most common food intolerance occurs in the following products: pork, bananas, peanuts, wheat, aspartame, coffee, cocoa beans, oranges, tangerines.

When a person eats food, which his intolerant, in the body begin the inflammatory processes that can badly affect the general well-being, as well as the symptoms worsen existing diseases.When a product that causes this reaction is eliminated from the diet, the body is able to restore damaged as a result of tissue inflammation.


Is it possible to lose weight with the help of Gemokod?

gemokod Although not a program for weight loss, many people using it really is possible to bring their weight back to normal, and also to avoid the so-called yo-yo effect - that is, the return of the weight that they had beforeweight loss.Recently, a study was completed, during which researchers evaluated the effects of a diet that excludes food intolerance triggers on the body mass index and quality of life of people who want to lose weight and / or overweight.Participants in the study lost weight, an average of 500 grams per week and the volume of their waist decreased by 2.5 cm. Since the system assumes gemokod permanent and not a temporary change in diet, the weight will be easy to keep the desired level.


As analyzes for food intolerance

A blood test can be done in special centers where the system is used gemokod.The results were evaluated naturopath, chiropractor and / or a doctor specially trained.

After seven to ten days, the patient receives an individual table which marked products to which it has a food intolerance.He explains in detail how and what is indicated in the table, and how it should change your diet in order to use the system gemokod for him proved most effective.

Many patients are surprised that their tables marked with the products that they never used.The fact that food intolerance can be caused by genetic characteristics - unlike allergies, it can develop even if you have never been in contact with its trigger.In addition, some of the products we consume themselves without realizing it.For example, a person may have intolerance to soy, which he, in his opinion, never tried.In fact, soy in one form or another is a part of a plurality of food.


right food

table, which is compiled based on the results of a blood test, a variety of products can be marked in yellow or red What color goes red: beware What color goes red: beware .Products marked with yellow What color yellow is combined: beautiful and dangerous What color is combined yellow: Armed and Fabulous , should be excluded from the diet for ten to twelve weeks, and only then they can be re-introduced into the diet.Products that are marked in red, should be excluded for a period of six months to one year.Re-introduce these foods in the diet should be one, watching closely for any changes in health.If any product will diminish from it is better to completely give up.