Protein-carbohydrate diet: how to achieve sustainable weight loss

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13 April 2016

protein-carbohydrate diet expert on diet food developed enough effective diets effective diet Effective diet , which allow a person to lose weight.Protein-carbohydrate diet provides steady weight loss, with weight indicators remain on the long-term results.The basis of the diet based on the principle of alternation of certain days, during which time a person uses a protein or carbohydrate foods.


How can successfully lose weight

Protein-carbohydrate diet may be recommended as an effective tool in the fight against obesity, which can be clearly seen in practice.Weight is reduced almost 100% of cases, if properly follow the necessary guidelines and to comply with a daily menu.Menu protein-carbohydrate diet composed in such a way that alternating days with a predominance of protein or carbohydrate foods.In most cases, the menu is designed for four days, and their need to be divided so that two of the day use in a large number of protein products and then go on food with high carbohydrate content.

Carbohydrates provide the bo

dy with the necessary energy, enables a person to engage in physical activity.

During a diet, when carbs come in fewer energy reserves are replenished at the expense of fat deposits.This laid down the basic principle of the diet.A gradual decrease in weight during the first two weeks, especially when applied protein low carbohydrate diet.Most quick results diets can see if completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet Diet: food, without which you can not do Diet: food, without which you can not do .Due to spending their own adipose tissue weight has been declining during the first week.

certain diet during the diet, as well as his character is the key to a rational balanced diet, guarantee effective weight loss.Carbohydrate-protein diet helps to organize the power of man, so that the emphasis is on a meal in the morning.During breakfast, the principal amount of carbohydrate used in the future they must distribute at lunch and dinner.


How to alternate foods in the diet

diet should not be interpreted only as a limited consumption of certain products.With the proper ratio of food ingredients in the diet, with caloric foods selection occurs deterioration of health, as may be present at a glance.In those days, when to stick to a protein diet protein diet Protein diet , to your diet should include the following products:

  • meat
  • fish
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • curd cheese
  • (only solid varieties)
  • nuts, seeds

Protein is found in large amounts in vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, cabbage), so it is necessary to diversify the power of these products.It is important not to exclude from their diet of fat, so they should contain, but not in large quantities.If you completely eliminate the use of fat, it may occur deterioration of health, as this type of food can not be called a balanced and helpful.

Protein-carbohydrate diet for weight loss takes into account physical activity, in order to properly calculate the amount of calories a person should consume during the day.With considerable physical activity, such as classes in the gym, the need for calories increases significantly.The required amount of energy for the body use carbohydrates provided.Preference should be given to the product prepared from wheat flour and cereals, legumes.


reduce weight without harm to health

If we stick to a particular diet, in most cases, the weight decreases gradually.There are situations when there is a need to achieve rapid weight loss in a short period of time, and this is very good specially formulated diet.We can not recommend this method of dealing with the weight for regular use as a high probability of negative consequences, so the diet is called emergency.Protein-carbohydrate diet Malysheva designed for ten days, and you can lose weight by 5 kg.

For ten days of the diet is necessary to alternate protein and carbohydrate days.One day should be protein, the second day of carbohydrate should be done.Useful carbohydrates are only those which are in the process of splitting the source of energy is not deposited as fat stores.As a source of carbohydrates are great fresh vegetables, which are better to eat in salads or raw.In the process of cooking do not use vegetable oil or fat, it is recommended to use the boiled food and food cooked in steam.During the diet should be sure to drink enough water, not to limit in the liquid.

quickly to achieve excellent results in weight loss makes a tough protein-carbohydrate diet.

seven days a person eats on specially designed menu.There are several types of rigid diets, so you should choose the best option for health.Not all types of diets people can endure, as the strict limitation of the use of the products in deteriorating health.After a week's stay on a rigid diet is not recommended to immediately return to their normal diet.Repeat diet can after a while, but this time period should be determined overlooking a rigid diet.In some cases, allowed repetition of the diet in two weeks.

draw up menus for days strict diet should be based on an existing table that contains calorie foods.In this connection, it is recommended to apply for drawing up the diet menu for a dietitian not to harm the health and get the long-awaited results of weight loss.

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