Hair removal: in pursuit of aesthetics

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18 April 2016

  • Hair Removal: in pursuit of aesthetics
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depilation hair removal do not only women but also men, and all because of the stringent requirements of modern times to the image.Beauty is not possible without a natural correction of data, such as facial hair and body hair.Hair removal in the twenty-first century is no longer particularly difficult, and if there are no restrictions on the budget, you can get rid of hair forever, enjoying the silky smooth skin.

Fewer people continue to argue that we should not argue with nature, and it is good for not only their appearance, but also numerous beauty salons Beauty from hairstyles to krioliftinga Beauty, from hairstyles to krioliftinga , aesthetic centers and private providers.Hair removal has undeniable aesthetic value: a woman with smooth legs looks much nicer than the stiff bristles on them, and in the armpits smoothness reduces perspiration and odor, as well as hair removal in the bikini area.

Hair removal, hair removal in some areas of the face and body is a matter of personal choic

e, although there are generally accepted recommendations regarding a particular way in the different zones.Be cautious - Hardware hair removal treatments are contraindicated to be identified before the trip to the salon.


facial hair removal

Men can shave or not to shave, their vegetation can decorate them, giving them courage.This is not the women who by nature on the upper lip grow noticeably darker antennae.This hair is in any case impossible to shave or tweeze.They can try to clarify that they are less visible, use cold wax strips and warm wax or molten sugar (shugaring).Inside, you will be offered to make a laser, camera or electrolysis.Laser is the most popular for removing dark hairs - blondes have to resort to other methods.Electrolysis is painful on the face, and epilation (removing flashes pulsed light) can help, as effective for any tsvetotipa.


hair removal armpits

depilation Vegetation in the area is provided for the protection of nature and thermoregulation.But the presence of hair leads to an unpleasant odor and excessive sweating.Exit - remove the hair on their own or in the cabin.Most women continue to shave armpit hair, but they grow fairly quickly.Others are experimenting with this appliance, but it is very painful as waxing.These dark tough hair perfectly removed by laser, which is four to five treatments can remove hair permanently.Before using the laser in this area, make sure that you do not have a contraindication to the procedure, and you have to order the immune system, since the processing occurs in the region of lymph nodes.


hair removal in the bikini area

work in an intimate area is associated with some discomfort, psychological and physical pain, because this area is very delicate skin, plus the mucosa, but very thick hair, are difficult to complete removal.Bad for the area shaving, plucking, waxing manual.Hair grow fast, can grow, there is a strong discomfort and irritation.At home, in the bikini area, you can try to use wax strips or go to a salon.Here, the wizard will prompt you to make a hot waxing, shugaring (if fear allergy wax), laser, or elos- photoepilation IPL - light to help Laser hair removal - light to help .

by hardware through a complete epilation of hair removal, including the treatment of deep bikini.A significant drawback - after these procedures may experience a burning sensation and redness, it is a matter of individual sensitivity.Painless and highly effective promise during elosepilyatsii.Several repeated treatments of hair removal apparatus may eventually lead to the cessation of hair growth in the area.


hair removal on the legs

depilation This is a painless area of ​​the body, occasionally requiring hair removal Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development , which can also finish a fewsessions.Remove the hair on the legs can be independently using shaving, applying cold wax strips or hot wax, shugaring, creams and other chemical products, depilatories that dissolve the hair follicle.Of course, all methods of hair removal apparatus is welcome, but the laser is still powerless against the thin and light hair, characteristic of this area.

If you are interested in a long-term removal of contact to the salon for a photo or elosepilyatsiey.If you can not, you can use wax strips to get rid of hair for two or three weeks because of the indigenous.Shaving and depilation chemical usually have low efficiency and require frequent repetition.Use of depilatory (preferably with cooling nozzles) can guarantee smoothness up to a month, as he pulls out hairs from the root or bulb damage.

possible to carry out the removal of hair on arms, if their vegetation dark confuses you.To do this is to go for the procedure or a photo elosepilyatsii.


Hair Removal - temporarily or permanently

most frequent question asked by the girls who want to find lasting smoothness of the skin - is it possible to remove hair once and for all in a single procedure?All depends on the individual, the density and color of hair, their compliance to the destruction of bulbs from the treated space, and of course, the manner in which the removal is performed.You can try to remove hair permanently, but this usually requires more than one procedure.Do not blame the professionals who made you hair removal, after which the hair began to grow again - in spite of the diversity of modern technologies, difficult to give an absolute guarantee.

Such methods as laser and photo-epilation, elos- and electrolysis can give excellent results, providing smoothness of the skin for a long time.But they can not give if the hair follicle is not destroyed completely.The hair removal is important perseverance, use only suitable treatment methods have competent expert in the salon with a good reputation.