The first signs of pregnancy: time for change

By Admin | Women Health / Gynecology
18 April 2016

the first signs of pregnancy Normally you are careful, but recently you and your partner are no longer cautious.All you hear about is how hard your girlfriends pregnant, but really?At the same time recently you feel so tired and go to the toilet countless times.And your bra squeezes you like breasts.It is too early to say whether you delay menstruation, but can this be the first signs of pregnancy?

Anything can happen.Fatigue, frequent urination, and increased sensitivity of mammary glands - are examples of subtle early signs of pregnancy, and they may be, even if it is too early to do a home pregnancy test.

Always assume probability of getting pregnant How to get pregnant : Recommendations to help How to Get Pregnant: Recommendations to help , even if you use contraception, as anything other than abstinence, can not give you an absolute guarantee.The sooner you learn, the better medical prenatal care you get.So it is very important to notice the first signs of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, it is never too early (or too late) to make such important changes in t

heir lives as reducing caffeine, nicotine, sushi Sushi - Japanese delicacy Sushi - Japanese delicacy and alcohol.And if you have not already done so, you need to take vitamins for pregnant women.You can also take other medicines to treat any problems that they did not affect the course of pregnancy.

What are the early signs of pregnancy, you should know?


Severe, unexplained fatigue - is perhaps one of the most common signs of pregnancy.Do not try to get rid of fatigue, increasing the dose of caffeine if admit the possibility of being pregnant.It is better to listen to your body, do not strain and try to get plenty of rest.

Aversion to food

If opening the refrigerator, you experience a shiver of disgust and even if you can not go past the local Chinese restaurant without feeling retching, you may be pregnant.The cause of this is the increase in hormone levels horiogonadotropina.The only thing that you can help yourself in this case - just avoid that annoys you.

Increased sensitivity to odors

smell that never were pleasant (such as cigarette smoke), or even those that were pleasing to you (for example, the smell of cologne perfumes and colognes: What's the difference? Perfume and cologne: What yourpartner) can also cause you nausea in early pregnancy.For some women, this may be a hint that they are waiting for.This is likely the result of increasing levels of hormones.Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it, except that to avoid these odors, wherever possible, especially tobacco smoke is harmful to your baby.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting as a result of increased hormone levels in early pregnancy, and may be the first signs that you are pregnant.One aspect that can help expectant mothers survive the first trimester, the belief that nausea and vomiting should undergo 12 weeks.Sometimes it is useful to know that morning sickness can be a good sign, as it increases the level of horiogonadotropina that causes morning sickness, says developing pregnancy.To overcome this problem, you need to eat something before you get up from bed.Keep on hand at least a pack of crackers in this case.Prenatal vitamins may also help to cope with morning sickness in some expectant mothers.But they can not be taken on an empty stomach.It would be better if you take them at bedtime go for dinner.

swelling breast tenderness they

Another early sign of pregnancy can change the state of the mammary glands.In this case, the only way to help yourself be comfortable bra purchase.

Frequent urination

In early pregnancy the uterus begins to grow and puts pressure on the bladder, causing more frequent urination.Usually this phenomenon is like the second trimester, not for long.In the third trimester of this problem again arises due to the increased pressure of the uterus and fetal bladder.This can not be avoided, but if you go to the bathroom just before going to bed, then you may be able to sleep a little longer.Although you probably have to get up at night at least once to go to the toilet.


Some women feel short of breath when you first become pregnant.This is because you need more oxygen for the growth of the fetus.The more it grows, the more short of breath.Tell your doctor if you experience sudden shortness of breath not related to the performance of physical exercise, and if you hurt or get worse when you lie.These may be signs of a more serious problem.