Skirts with high waist: elegant and slightly retro

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18 May 2016

high waist skirts After years of domination and on the podium in the women's locker room and democratic with a low-slung jeans and skirts with classic low-waist in 2007 on stage finally went high waist - one of the key symbols of fashionseventies and the universal trend is not losing popularity to this day.

Over the past few seasons, many fashion designers, still producing high-waisted skirt - very elegant, well conveys the popular retro style of the era of the seventies and suitable for most types of figures.

skirt with a high waist looks equally good as a happy owner of a classic figure of the "hourglass" and the owners of a boyish figure.Such skirt - a real ode to femininity: they emphasize the waist, making the silhouette of a long and slender.In addition, high-waisted skirt is easy enough to fit in almost any everyday wardrobe - it goes well with all kinds of garments, from the classical business shirts or blouses and T-shirts to the stamp.

From what to wear high-waisted skirt

high waist skirts skirt with a high waist will certainly require high heel shoes - even the owner of such a combination of low growth will turn almost into a model by emphasizing the waist and a competent visualleg lengthening.Because thanks to skirts the central element becomes a waist of loose tunic Tunica: from ancient Greece to the present day Tunica: from ancient Greece to the present day and tops should be abandoned - if the length of the skirt covers the top, reaching down to the hips, the waist may actually be any.

That is why the ideal complement for high-waisted skirt is a classic strict white shirt - a combination of seemingly strict accordance tough part of the business dress code, however, leaves room for experimentation.Classic black or gray pencil skirt with a high waist, low-key small heel shoes, strict white shirt - an image of a business woman.High-heeled shoes, a skirt with a high waist of sensual satin with a cut, a silk blouse of bright color How to wear bright colors: 7 Tips How to wear bright colors: 7 Tips - vamp image, a kind of fatal temptress.Such images can be varied almost indefinitely.

To complete the image of a high-waisted skirt, you can choose the appropriate accessories - and, above all, stylish belt, which further emphasizes the already accentuated waist.In winter collections steel belts is the main decoration of ensembles with a high waist.For example, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have drawn their models wide waist belt made of black cloth with decorative fluffy bows.But Fendi and Oscar de la Renta, on the contrary, was decorated with skirts and dresses with high waist very narrow straps of stylish tight patent leather.Equally stylish looks and a wide belt with a decorative buckle, recalling the brightest ensembles of the era of the seventies.

high-waisted skirt: the difference in styles

high waist skirts Although traditionally the most stylish and glamorous considered skirt with a high waist cut "pencil", some designers are experimenting with a high waist, and let otherswhere more daring models.For example, the Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker in the film premieres tried on one of the magnificent that extends to the ankle skirt with a high waist, the main decoration of which was extremely wide - about 15 centimeters - a belt of soft leather.The skirt with a high waist, combined with the simple, understated top and a long necklace with multilayered successfully replaced actress evening dress.

In anticipation of the turn of the summer season, you can fill up for warm weather wardrobe a long, narrow skirt with a high waist high-waisted skirt: new old silhouette Skirt with high waist: new old silhouette - preferably with the smell - of a thin, semi-transparent chiffon.Such skirt can be found in the collections of Kenzo and Diane von Furstenberg - decorated with colorful ethnic prints, attention seductiveness transparent chiffon skirt these can easily become a real decoration summer wardrobe.

Finally, the easiest, but not less stylish option for your summer wardrobe - a short skirt with a high waist.With the return of spring-summer collections and flirty little naive way of Lolita short curvy or, conversely, straight skirts with high waist acquired great popularity.

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